8 Types of Door Sweeps – A Comprehensive Guide

Doors can add a lot of security to houses. Apart from this, they also bring in a lot of beauty to the room and the house itself. However, if a door is not fitted properly, it can have a reverse effect on appearance.

Badly fitted doors leave a gaping gap between the door and the floor. There are two problems that arise because of this. The first is the unpleasant appearance and the other is the practical problems. Such gaps allow insects that are small enough to crawl through the gap to come into the house.

Apart from all this, it will also affect the temperature in the house adversely in winter and summer. If there is a gap under the door, it will not effectively keep the cold air away from entering the house during winter.

In summer, it will not be able to retain the air-conditioned air inside the house. Luckily, this problem can be solved by installing a door sweep. However, the number of different types of door sweeps available may confuse you, and choosing the best one may be an intimidating chore. This article lists out the different kinds of door sweeps in the market.

What Are Door Sweeps ?

types of door sweeps

A door sweep is equipped with a brush. The bristles of the brush are usually made of vinyl or plastic. The door sweep also has a carrier that is made of various materials. It could be made of aluminum, gold, brass, rubber, or plastic.

The function of this carrier is to hold the bristles firmly against the door. There are also wooden door sweeps available if you feel wood is required to go with the interior decoration in your house.

Door sweeps are normally fixed both inside if you have a door that opens inside and on the outside if you have a door that opens outside. If you have this fixed, you do not have to worry about insects or the cold in winter coming into your house.

However useful they are, door sweeps do have some disadvantages. Having a door sweep actually means that it becomes a little more difficult to open and close the door. This is especially true if there is a carpet at home.

A carpet makes it difficult because the door sweep may actually drag your carpet. Additionally, the movement of the door sweep on the carpet is most likely to leave a mark on the carpet. This might lead to a permanent track after years of use.

Different Types of Door Sweep

Many different types of door sweeps are available. Some of them are:

Standard Door Sweep

Types of Door Sweep

This kind of door sweep has a carrier that is made of aluminum. It seals the opening under the door effectively. This works best if you have a hardwood or tile floor. This kind of door sweep is normally used with a wooden or metal door.

There are two dimensions of this door sweep in the market, which are 36 and 42 inches. It has weatherstripping made of vinyl. Another major advantage with this is that it can be fixed by you onto the door. There are screws provided with the door sweep that helps you install it yourself with ease.

Brush Door Sweep

Brush Door Sweep

This kind of door sweep is fixed to the outside part of a door that opens outwards. It is equipped with a brush or bristles which help to clean by taking away dust and debris. It also has another function that is to stop insects and the cold from the outside entering your house.

Before you install this, you must remember that the brush or the bristles will definitely give way over time. One more important thing to remember is that compared to the other kinds of door sweeps that are available, this type is not as effective as the others.

Flat Door Sweep

Flat Door Sweep

The materials usually used for this kind of door sweep are vinyl, silicone, and nylon. It is similar to the brush door sweep in the way it is attached to the door. Both are attached to the outside of a door that opens outside. However, these two types differ a lot in appearance. The flat door sweep is definitely more attractive and artistic than a brush door sweep.

Fixing a flat door sweep is time-consuming and also involves a lot of work. In spite of this, people prefer this kind to the others. This is because other than the advantages it provides, it is also much better in appearance than a brush door sweep. This makes it a much-preferred option than a brush door sweep.

Tubular Door Sweep

Tubular Door Sweep

This kind of door sweep, which is fixed at the bottom of the door and has a sweep on either side,  has many advantages. At the outset, it is versatile and you can decide to fix it either to the inside or to the outside of your door.

It is a preferred option for the ease with which it can be fixed to the door. Another big advantage that it has is that if it is installed in doors that are inside the house, it can prevent undesirable smells from coming in from rooms nearby.

Many people use it inside their houses to avail of this advantage. However, a major thing to be considered when you decide on this option is that it is definitely not as long-lasting as the other kinds available.

Strip Door Sweep

Strip Door Sweep

This kind of door sweep is typically attached to the bottom of the door and hence, effectively closes the gap under the door. These door sweeps can be fitted on your own very easily. There are a few models of such door sweeps that come with glue that can be used to just stick it to the side of your door.

There are other models that come with installation guides made of either plastic or metal. You just have to fasten these to the corner of the door. You can choose one of these methods to fix the door sweep to the door but there is one important thing to remember.

Whatever be the method of fixing it, the height at which it is fixed is of paramount importance. The height is so important because the door sweep should be able to establish contact with the floor so that it effectively bridges the gap. But, it should also not cause any friction with the door as this will not allow the door to function effectively.

This door sweep comes with a lot of facilities that ensure comfort and efficiency if you decide to use it. Apart from this, there are a few other advantages too. They can be fixed effortlessly by you. Also, it is not the type of door sweep that takes up a lot of space on the floor. It uses up only a little space. Also, if it wears out, replacing it is not at all a problem.

Under-Door Sweep

Under-Door Sweep

These kinds of door sweeps look like a B. They come equipped with two round pieces that face upward and very effectively bridge the gap under the door. This model ensures that the gap is closed rather completely and securely which is a great advantage.

The material that is used for these door sweeps is usually soft foam. Some of them come with a hook-and-loop strap. This is there to make sure that there is absolutely no sliding.

Automatic Door Sweep

Automatic Door Sweep

One of the biggest disadvantages of a standard door sweep is that if it moves on a carpet, it can damage the carpet permanently with time. Automatic door sweeps solve this problem. So, if you have a carpet, you can still have a door sweep that does not damage your carpet.

This kind of door sweep is made in such a way that when the door is open, the door sweep goes up automatically. This ensures that the door sweep will not make any marks on the carpet or damage it in any way. If the door is shut, the door sweep is perfectly in place, and will effectively keep insects away from your house.

These kinds of door sweeps are fixed on the door by means of screws that are provided. After they are fixed, you need not worry about the gap beneath the door anymore.

Self-Stick Door Sweep

Self-Stick Door Sweep

Some people do not want the major changes that happen to doors when door sweeps are fixed. For such people, this kind of self-stick door sweep is ideal. This comes with some glue and all you have to do is stick it to the bottom corner of your door outside the house.

So, whether your door is made of wood or metal, fixing this kind of self-stick door sweep is very easy and can be done effortlessly. The only thing you have to do is to take off the covering that is given over the adhesive and then press it against the door to make it stick.

Choosing The Best Door Sweep

Deciding on the correct kind of door sweep for your house can be really tough given the different types of door sweeps available. However, analyzing a few factors will really help you choose the correct one.


The first thing to do when you choose a door sweep is to decide why you are looking for a door sweep as there are different door sweeps with different functions. Some of them keep the house warm or cold and thus preserve energy.

There are others that are specifically designed to prevent insects from coming into the house. There are also door sweeps that can keep smoke, moisture, light, and odors from entering the house. So, if you first decide on the reason to buy the door sweep, it will be easy to choose the door sweep based on your need.

To make it more clear, a door sweep with bristles is made in such a way that it actually stops insects from coming into your house. However, it does not have the facilities to save energy. In addition, it is not capable of keeping cold air from coming into your house also.


The next thing to think of when you are deciding on a door sweep is the size of the door sweep required. To make sure that you do not make a mistake in the necessary dimensions, first calculate the width of your door.

This measurement has to be exact. Using the measurement of your door, decide on the dimensions of your new door sweeps. You get them in different sizes from 28 to 36 inches.

The width is not the only dimension that is required. You also have to calculate the gap that is there between the door and the floor. If you calculate these dimensions properly, you will succeed in getting a door sweep that is a perfect fit. However, after all, this, if the door sweep is still too long, you can adjust the length by trimming the bristles or blade of the door sweep.


Door sweeps also come made in different materials. They can be made from rubber, silicone, vinyl, nylon, or other synthetic materials also. This factor is also very important while selecting the right door sweep as the material used to make it is a deciding factor about how expensive the door sweep is and also how long it will last.

Bristle vs Blade

There are some door sweeps that are made out of bristles. There are fringes in these bristles leading to small gaps. This kind of door sweep is very effective in stopping insects from coming into your houses. However, they are not equally effective in keeping the air out. In spite of these disadvantages, they are very suitable for houses that have floors made of linoleum or tile.

If you are looking for a door sweep that keeps the cold air from coming in during winter, you must go for a door sweep with blades. This kind of door sweep is generally made with something strong like rubber.

This is very effective in keeping cold air out of your house. They also do not allow cold air to go out of the house. This helps a lot in saving energy, especially in summer when the air conditioners are on.

Installation Method

Just like the door sweeps come in various types, fixing them also can be done in different ways. There are door sweeps that come equipped with glue or screws or adhesive strips. Out of these, the ones with glue can be fixed effortlessly on your own.

The ones with the screws can also be fixed but they will take up more time and work. The ones that are fixed permanently are fixed using screws. If you do not want a permanent one but are looking only for a temporary fix, then you could decide on the one with adhesive strips.

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