8 Beautiful Types of Flooring for Stairs with Ideas

The floorings of the Stair are certainly not on the topmost of the priority list of makers and owners. People habitually overlook the significance of the Staircase as it is not the foremost principal point of home interior.

But what in case your Staircases need to be refinished? And what if you want your Staircases to match the feel or look of the interior of your house, and also they look modern? What types of flooring for the Staircase to choose from? Continue reading about stairs as we cover up the list and discuss the types of flooring for Stair.

What’s the best type of Flooring for Stairs?

Well, there’s no single answer available on the stair to this question that can be considered correct. The greatest flooring for your Stair often is determined by the employment of the Stairway and the way it’s operated.

To give a much better visualization of the stair, think about the visibility from the front door of your home. Moreover, because stair with their strategic placement within the house requires a specific type of flooring than the Staircase at the back of the house. Which leads to the basement.

The Stair leading to the second floor of the house must match the room’s subject together with it. However, this often does not unavoidably have to be the situation with the Stairway leading to the house’s basement.

Still, your stair owners and builders have numerous choices. Just  to resolve for the floors of Stair, such as:


Types of Flooring for Stairs

Carpet is a common popular option among the floorings for Stair. Most people believe that carpet is used on Stair usually because of its classy look. That is partially correct, but there’s a logical reason why carpet is often used on Stair.

It’s to prevent slipping. Hardwood is slippery, as we all know, thus carpeting the Stair with carpet builds friction. Well, slipping is prevented, so that saves us from the frequent visits to the emergency room.

Apart from this, you can also think about conducting carpeting of your Stair. It is applicable if your house previously has a carpet both at the up stair and downstairs. The carpet on the stairs would and must match with the other adjacent areas of the house.

You can also think about using a carpet to hide an unfinished carpet. Carpet is also a respectable choice to indicate if you have offspring. The carpet can work as a cushion as well in case of a trip.

But, is there not any advantage to choosing a carpet? Well, arguably, there is one main downside: it is a magnet for dust and dirt. They get stuck onto the carpet. So, you can expect yourself to be vacuuming your Stair more often if you choose carpeted Stairways.


With the high demand for green or eco-friendly products, it’s not a surprise why cork has become widely popular. Cork flooring is prepared from the use of the bark of the oak tree. It is an entirely natural and renewable artifact.

Apart from this, there is another motive why it is so widespread is its affordability. Equated to other flooring supplies such as hardwood that is used in stairs. Well, the cork is inexpensive and also is easy to fix. It’s tough as well as enduring as long as it is wrapped.

But, there are downsides to it. Its durability is not like tiles or hardwood. It can be penetrated easily through sharp objects. Heavy furniture can leave dents over it same is applicable on stairs. But, since you will not place any heavy object on the stairs. Then you can well select cork as the flooring for the Stair.


Types of Flooring for Stairs

This is believed to be a traditional flooring or finish for the Stairs. There are countless reasons why owners and builders can still take hardwood however there are additional materials accessible.

One of the many reasons is that it is very versatile, which means it can easily match the flooring upstairs or downstairs.  Hardwood, such as Cherry wood, walnut-hood, etc., is also a favorite option for most builders and homeowners because of its versatility.

It can provide a modern and fashionable look to your house. You can also give refinishing to hardwood floors that are left with wear and tear. It’s not very expensive and doesn’t take much time that you can do it yourself.

Hardwood flooring for Stair is easy to be maintained. Since we all know that Stair is one of the most used areas in houses. A lot of dust can be built up as a result. But with hardwood flooring, this will not happen.

Hardwood flooring doesn’t let too much dirt or dust pile up as other flooring materials do. But, it has its weaknesses like other flooring types of Stair do. The main problem homeowners have with this product is that it is slippery and follows a major cause of accidents at home. You may rethink having hardwood flooring for Stair if you have elder people or small children.


Types of Flooring for Stairs

If you are on a tight budget, then most probably, the carpet and hardwood are not on your list. Then, paint can be an option for you. Paint is the cheapest alternative for the finishing of Stairs. It is specifically recommended if your Stair is sturdy but needs an upgrade in terms of look. Painting can easily improve its look and match pretty well with any other decor of your home.

Rather than hiring a professional painter, you can do the painting yourself. This can save you from spending and can be added to the savings. Remember to do the sanding finish of the floors first till it’s bare wood. Only after the completion of sanding can you start painting the Staircase with any color you want.

Start painting from top to bottom. This way, you will clean the drip as they happen. Since the Stair are one of the most used areas, it is often recommended to do two coats of paint and one coating of polyurethane to complete this area of the house.

Pre-made Stair Treads

Types of Flooring for Stairs

Pre-made Stair Treads, as the name itself specifies, are now finished. You can match and place them to give your Staircase a classy and rich look. They are available in many ranges of finishes, such as vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. You can also opt for risers to match the pre-made Stair treads.

Even though pre-made Stair treads are easy to install, you would need a Stair tread as well. This tool would allow you to accurately measure and move the width of Stair treads to pre-made Stair treads. Though the deepness of the steps is usually a traditional cut, the angle on the width of each step will have to be dignified.

Stair Runner

Types of Flooring for Stairs

If you want to improve the looks of your Stair, then you can think about Stair runner. It’s advisable to use a Stair runner mostly. It is made from carpet. However, a Stair runner covers only the middle part, unlike the carpet, which covers the entire area.

For numerous homeowners and builders, Stair runner adds up the good quality of hardwood and carpet. It can maintain the elegance of hardwood with enhanced safety, just the way a carpet would be to a Staircase. 

Stair runners are also installed with a pad underneath, just like carpets. Then the tackles strips are used to nail it down. It can also be set up with staples and carpet tape, even though it isn’t that durable.


This option is lovely and reliable for the flooring of your Staircase. But like hardwood, it can be greasy, so you must contemplate twice formerly using them in the Staircases, particularly if you have youngsters. Another thing is that it can affect the height of the risers. Hence you should have this checked with your contractor first regarding your area’s building codes.

Tiles are highly recommended only if you are considering them for a longer period. In simple words, the tiles you will install should match with the design of other areas of your home. You probably don’t want to see the messed-up color patterns and textures in your house.


And lastly, it’s vinyl. This is the selection you elect for your Stairways if your floor covering is also vinyl. One more advantage of using vinyl planks is that they can fit your Stair very easily because of their small size.

You may also want to install vinyl yourself.  Then you must. But you don’t want to see imperfections to show, so that is why you must prepare the surface of the Stairways and also that the treads are level.

Use of caulks should be done to seal the points and then in screw holes covering. And after that, you may need to sand down the harsh surfaces before smoothing the under layers. You can well start putting on vinyl on your Stairway, but only after leveling the exterior.

You may also have apprehended that there must be many selections accessible for Stairway flooring. You can too choose the accurate one according to the budget, placement of your Stair, and the subject or the style of adjoining zones of your house.

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