23 Types of Houses – The Definitive Guide

Why are houses important? What are the types of houses? Well getting a house is all about your personal space, it can be synonymous with a place to have the freedom to express your personality and a shelter to relax after a hectic day outside.

For many owning a house is a sign of independence, adulthood, or a significant milestone in life. Besides, nowadays more and more people are looking into the idea of remote work or working from home. So it would make a lot of sense to put some thought into finding a place that suits your needs and those of your family. 

Obviously before taking the next step into remodeling or building a new house you want to make sure about the options the market has for you. Luckily we have prepared this guide for you. There are plenty of options to choose from (some of them would depend on location of course) and I’m sure below you’ll find something that’ll fulfill your needs. 

Ready? Let’s do this. 

Here are 21 types of houses that will give you ideas for your dream home.

1. Single-family

Types of houses
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Let’s start with the most basic one. This type of house is the most common dwelling style for a detached house. Also, the to-go choice of many Americans (about 70% to be exact)

2. Multi-family

Types of Houses

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Pretty straightforward again. Just like it sounds like, this type of structure is meant to house more than one family. Often seen along the countryside or in gated communities, they contain multiple houses instead of big buildings. And if you ask me, a great investment as well. 

3. Apartment

Types of houses

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We’re all familiar with the good old apartments, especially if you live downtown (perhaps, you might have even lived in one before). Usually a cheaper option than houses, apartments are living units under one property owned by a developer.

4. Cottage

Types of houses

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These little houses hail from the English countryside. They usually carry the stereotype of being out of fashion or suited for old people. They are small houses with a thatched roof and a single room. They can be standalone single houses or sometimes built as rowhouses.  Nowadays, they serve as holiday homes for many people across northern Europe.

5. Split-level

Types of houses

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To put in simple words this type of house features multiple staggered floors. It might seem a bit awkward for some, but these types of houses are experiencing a revival. They’re usually under the category of single-family units and are detached. 

What makes them special and different is that split-level houses have two staircases, as opposed to single homes connecting their levels by only one. One leads to a half-second floor while the other leads to the basement. 

6. Barn

Types of houses

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Yes, You’ve heard about these. They’re known for their open areas and big floor plans. These dwelling places give you a rustic or rural feeling and they’re really practical for people who actually want to live with their animals in the countryside. 

7. Tiny Home

Tiny homes are all about efficiency. They can be stationed in one place like most houses or mobile. Ok, but how tiny are they? They’re usually 100 to 400 sq. ft with a starting price tag of $10,000. This might be a good alternative to a traditional house. They’re small but cost-efficient.

Plus, There’s a whole thriving community growing around tiny homes, if this is your thing, you know you got people to back you up! 

8. Container Home

Container homes are another type of house that is gaining momentum.  These trendy dwelling places are not only cost-efficient but have a small footprint. I mean look at them, they’re brilliant! Who would’ve thought you could make a house from containers in the past?

9. Bungalow

Another contribution by the British. Bungalows originate from India’s colonial past. Meant to refer to Bengali small houses, Bungalows are single-storey detached properties. Think of privacy meets easy access.  

10. Treehouse

Nope. No longer a thing of your childhood days. In fact, I think this is the ultimate definition of privacy. Up and beyond, living among the singing of birds and autumn leaves. 

Why not?

11. Villa

Villages are on the other end of the price tag. They’re basically costly and larger deluxe versions of a house. You can find luxurious amenities in them like private pools and courtyards.

12. In-law suite

Basements suites are another popular and affordable option for bachelors. 

13. Floating Home 

These are far out. A floating home, well.. It’s basically a property built above water level.

14. Yurt

Now we are moving unto dwellings for colder climates. Yurts are traditional portable tents built with skins use by different nomadic groups across Central Asia. The structure is a circular shape and has plenty of space and all the amenities you need. 

Thinking of moving up north? This could be an option to think about.                              

15. Mansion

Mansions are basically large luxury residences One cool thing about them is that they have no size limit.  But to give you an idea, in order for a property to be classified as a mansion is has to be at least 12,500 square feet in size. 

16. Camper Van

Of course, this guide isn’t complete without including our traveling friends. If your lifestyle includes a lot of road trips. Trekking and just about any other outdoor activity, then think no more. The camping van is your new friend. 

Think about it: Lodging and mobility. Two in one.                       

17. Igloo

I felt like including one more house type for cold weather. Igloos are temporary dome-shaped structures built with ice and snow. Believe it or not, these dwelling places keep people warm in extreme weather conditions.

18. Castle or Palace

Ok, I promise this is the last large house on our list. Castles are known as the dwelling places of kings and queens. But even in our modern era, they are used as residences for the royal families and a few wealthy individuals.

Now.. perhaps this could a bit out of your budget. I understand. Why don’t we wrap up our guide with houses that are not only affordable but practical and efficient?  


Talk about eco-friendly living… Huts are usually small houses with one or two rooms and single or two storeys. They’re built with materials sourced locally and using techniques passed down from one generation to the other. Also, their design is rather simple but cozy. 

20. Mobile Home

But you are on the move? I already told you about the camper van. Here’s another option. Mobile homes, also known as trailer homes or RVs. Just like the camper van they can be moved virtually anywhere.  They can also be set permanently or temporarily. Good choice if you move places often. 

21. Underground House 

No, Underground houses are not just some dodgy dungeon or a safety bunker. Maybe this could be the ultimate solution to peace and privacy. Maybe they’re not suited for every lifestyle but do offer a lot of peace.

22. Dome/Round Houses

I know what you’re thinking … Round-shaped or dome-shaped houses look like they’re taken out of The Hobbit movie, they might not be as common as other houses around town, but you have to admit they look pretty unique. 

23. Pent House

It’s quite common that every house has a penthouse which is built on the top floor of the building. More often it is used as the residence. It can be located on the 10 story building or the top floor of 30 story building. Building size doesn’t make any difference here.

Penthouses are generally deal with wealth. It’s actually said as the best places to live and mover over you can see these penthouses in modern buildings. You will have a great view from the penthouse with extensive expanses of windows.

Types of Houses : Final Words

You tell me, did you have any idea there were so many types of houses? 

I hope you’ve found some ideas on this guide for your new project. As always if you want to know more about architecture, home designs, or just get some inspiration this is the place to be.

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