9 Different Types of Picture Frames With Images

How well a house is decorated, it is still incomplete without beautiful pictures. Needless to say, the frame that contains the picture should be worth looking at too. The best thing is that these pictures perfectly fit into different types of houses and interior decoration ideas.

People would also love to receive these as gifts too. Now coming to the interesting part. There are many types of picture frames that we can choose from. The different types are listed out for your reference in this article.

What Are The Types of Picture Frames are there ?

Well, we just mentioned that there are various types of picture frames available. How do you choose from such a variety? The answer to this is pretty simple. You have to choose your frame depending on the picture you are looking to frame. This article will help you with the process of choosing the correct frame.

1. Types of Picture Frames : Collage Frame

Types of Picture Frames

There are times when we frame just one photo. However, there are times when we have a lot of memories and would like to frame many pictures together. If you want to do this, the a collage frame is the best choice because it is capable of housing from 3  upto 30 different pictures. If you have more than 30 photos to put in, then there are bigger options also.

We have all had wedding get togethers and family functions and normally, we take dozens of photos that are precious to us. At times, we would love to frame them together and hang them up on a wall so that we are reminded of the wonderful times together.

We must thank the collage frame for making this possible. This frame completely eliminated the need to put these photos in individual frames that will lead to a lot of cluttering. These collage frames solve this problem neatly. It is to be noted that you can  put in unrelated photos also in these frames.

2. Types of Picture Frames : Poster Frame

Types of Picture Frames

Apart from memorable photos, people also like to frame lovely representations of art. These poster frames are the perfect fit for this kind of a need. These are big frames that are normally rectangular.

If you feel that these frames are not very embellished, there is a reason. They are made simple intentionally so that people’s attention is all on the picture and to make sure that the spotlight is not on the frame.  

At times, they just have a simple frame at the edge. Sometimes, they even come without a frame. In such cases, there is a sheet of glass covering the poster and a few inconspicuous clips fix the glass in position.

3. Types of Picture Frames : Floating Frame

Types of Picture Frames

The materials for this kind of a frame are acrylic and glass. The frame is made of a combination of these two materials, glass and acrylic. Another piece of glass and acrylic is added to the existing one. This makes the whole frame transparent and it lets you see the wall through the frame.

As a result, whatever is framed in this kind of a frame looks like it is actually floating in the background of the wall or wall paper. This will definitely make the room look fashionable. It is the right choice for people who do not want very elaborate interiors. As these frames do not carry a lot of colours or designs on them, they contribute to keeping things neutral.

4. Types of Picture Frames : Shadow Box Frame

Types of Picture Frames

Other than photos and paintings, there are other things that we would love to frame and put up on our walls. And some of these things are not flat. They may be items that bring back precious memories such as memorabilia or something that is really dear to our hearts. So, do we have frames for these? Yes, we do.

These shadow box frames are made for such items. They have a lot of depth and this makes them the perfect frames for items that are not flat. We can also be assured of the safety of these items inside the glass protected frame.

Another advantage of using these frames is that the items inside will never gather dust like they usually do if they are plainly displayed. Common examples of things that this frame is used for are medals, sports memorabilia, baby shoes, jewellery and handprints in clay.

These frames are available in a variety of forms, fashions and dimensions. To get the best out of these frames, it is always better to choose a frame that is so deep that the item you frame does not brush against the glass.

The items that you frame can be  positioned   however you like using pins, glue or double sided tape. These frames double up and serve to display non flat items such as photographs and postcards also. They will give them a special look as they look like they are presented in a glass case instead of being framed.

5. Types of Picture Frames : Digital Frame

Types of Picture Frames

Going digital is the in thing now and this is true with frames also. Of late, people prefer to use digital frames as most of their photographs are also digital. The big advantage with these frames is that they have a great memory capacity. This enables us to download photos onto these frames permanently. Some frames are also equipped with a memory card slot too.

There are many different things you can do with these digital frames. They can be programmed to display a different photo everyday. It can be set to change photos at the end of each day.

Another thing you can do is to set it so that there are different photos shown very often. So, whenever you see the frame, there are different memories flashing in your mind. Of course, the kind of facilities that come with this frame depends on the model that you decide to buy.

There are two types of frames depending on the mode of operation. Some of them depend on batteries which may require to be changed periodically or charged regularly. The other type is the one that works on electricity.

6. Types of Picture Frames : Document Frame

Types of Picture Frames

There are many documents also that we treasure and frame such as awards and certificates. The document frame can be used for this purpose as it is made to dimensions that are ideal to display documents.

These frames find a lot of use in places such as a doctor’s or a lawyer’s office. In order to keep up the official and important look, these frames are always basic in design and do not have flashy colours.

Display Type

These frames are available in different sorts for display. You should decide where to fix your frame depending on the kind of display that you opt for.

1. Types of Picture Frames : Tabletop

Types of Picture Frames

Since this is used on a tabletop, this uses a folding stand that supports the frame. This stand is usually situated behind the frame and can be brought out whenever needed. This arrangement facilitates these frames to present photos standing on places such as shelves or countertops. As an additional plus, in some frames, the stand is made adaptable in order to decide the degree of slant. However, this is not present in all these frames.

There are some types of these frames that come without the stand. Such stands are designed large so that the frame can support itself without a stand. Most of these frames appear like blocks because of their structure.

The other option offered by these frames is to have two facilities together. They can be made to stand using the stand or can be put up on the wall using the given hardware. One drawback which you should be aware of with such frames is the thickness of the stand that is behind the frame.

If this is too thick, it will bulge out and hinder the frame from being hung smoothly on the wall. The other disadvantage is that the presence of the stand behind makes the frame heavier behind. Hence, when they are put up on the wall, keeping them straight is quite a task as they incline towards the side that is heavy.

2. Types of Picture Frames : Hanging

Types of Picture Frames

There are different hardwares that make it possible to put up these frames on the wall. One way to do this is a metal hook that is fixed to the top right in the middle. This can be fixed to either a nail or screw on the wall. 

The other way is to us two metal hoops. They are provided on either end of the frame. They are usually fastened with a wire or string. This wire is hung onto the nail or screwed into the wall.

If your frame comes with both options of being hung in the wall and being placed on the table top and you decide to hang it, there is one thing you should remember. Since it may incline on one side due to the weight, you should take precautions to avoid this.

If you are very sure that your frame goes on the wall, then you should definitely choose the frame that comes with just the option of being hung. This choice will prevent the problem of the stand behind which hinders hanging the frame on the wall.

There may be a situation where you may buy a frame that supports itself on a surface, but then you decide that you want to hang it. There is a way out of this situation. All you need to do is to attach the necessary hardware behind the frame. You could also opt to simply use gum to fix some tape behind the frame. This can, in turn, be stuck to the wall.

These frames are a boon if you are a tenant who is not allowed to nail the wall at home. They can be put up using just Velcro or any other simple product to ascertain that the frame is fixed firmly in place.

3. Types of Picture Frames : Leaning

Types of Picture Frames

These frames are devoid of stands that help them as they are designed to support themselves by leaning on a surface. Since usage of picture shelves is increasing rapidly, these types of frame also have gained popularity. This is because they can be placed one after another on a shelf. They just need a wall behind to support them.

These frames can be huge too. If you have a really big one, the best idea will be to put it on the floor in such a way that it supports itself against a wall behind. Informal and uncomplicated, these frames add a lot of fashion in showing your pictures.

Material Type

A very important aspect of a frame is the material used to make it. This will also affect its looks to a great extent. There are many ornamental types that add value to your stylish interiors.

There are others that are far from ornamental so that they do not distract attention from the picture they display. You can choose between these types depending on the way your house is fashioned. The other things that are affected by the material are the longevity and the price of the frame.

1. Types of Picture Frames : Metal

Types of Picture Frames

Though frames made of metal cannot be broken easily and are super strong, they are surprisingly light. Since metals are naturally coloured, they can be used in their natural colours.

If this is not possible, another colour can be spray painted onto them. The texture of the metal also differs. It can be either glistening or could have a matte effect. The metal can be flat or hammered or beveled in order to appear more attractive.

2. Types of Picture Frames : Wood

Types of Picture Frames

Wood has many advantages over other metals because it is natural in nature. The homely look that it has makes it fit in perfectly with any kind of interior designing. The best part of wood is that frames made out of this are available in such a variety of colours that you will always find something that perfectly blends in with your house.

They come in a wide range of designs also. You will find thickset Simple designs and also stylishly thin ones to suit your taste. To make wood look more lustrous, it is either varnished or lacquered.

Wood can be used in various ways to create these frames. Different types of wood may be used and the frames can be solid or hollow also. All these factors contribute to how heavy the frame turns out to be.

If you are planning to fix your frame on the wall, then a frame that is not very heavy is the ideal choice. Such frames will not strain the hardware and so the risk of it falling down is minimal.

In the unfortunate event of it falling down too, there will not be much damage. Since they are made out of wood, these frames have longevity and can withstand falls. Beyond all this, if there is any damage, it will be pretty inconspicuous and will actually enhance the looks of the frame.

3. Types of Picture Frames : Ceramic

Types of Picture Frames

Though ceramic frames have their own advantages, ceramic is not very preferred when it comes to frames. This is attributed to the conventional and vintage look that they have.  So, they are used for emotionally significant photos mostly in babies’ bedrooms.

Normally, they are used for scan photos or christening photos. The advantages of this material is that it lends itself to painting very well. So, if you decide to paint your house in a fresh colour, you can paint your frame also to suit the new look. The additional attraction is the number of designs it is available in.

Since they can be painted on easily, these frames can be customised to show your personal details such as your name and date of birth. You can even choose to adorn these frames with paintings of  your favourite characters. The major handicap of this kind of a frame is that it is not very strong. They are vulnerable to chipping or smashing. They will also definitely not last a fall.

4. Types of Picture Frames : Plastic

Types of Picture Frames

These kind of frames also come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is their weight. They are not at all heavy and so, are ideal to be hung in walls. The downside is that the quality is not very good.

When they are handled in order to take out the photo or to change their place, they give way mainly at the corners. Though they are not very costly, because of the low quality, you will definitely buy more frames in a short period of time.

This will offset the fact that they are not very expensive. These frames are often dressed up to imitate their better counterparts, wood and metal. However, if you are fascinated by wooden and metal frames, it is best to go for the original if it is affordable as original is always the best.

5. Types of Picture Frames : Leather

Types of Picture Frames

Leather frames score over the other frames in a number of ways. The first is their looks. They have softer and more rounded corners compared to metal or wooden frames. These frames can bring a luxurious and classy look to your rooms without putting a big strain on your wallet.

A sleek, perfect finish in dark leather is sure to make your room fashionable while tan leather that appears old and used gives a rustic ambiance.

To achieve looks better than this, you could go for suede picture frames. These frames can give a very elegant effect. If you are concerned about using animals products, then faux-leather is your go to material.

This is less costly than leather. Original leather definitely ages better than this. Faux-leather may be a give away as it may resemble plastic. But this depends on the caliber of the material used.

6. Types of Picture Frames : Glass

Types of Picture Frames

Glass frames carry very exquisite and fashionable looks. They could look smooth and stylish or if they are made out of cut glass, they could carry a more antique charm. People who love to keep their decorations to a bare minimum prefer these glass frames.

This is due to the fact that these frames are transparent. Thus, they bring in an appearance of more free space to the room. It will, in no way, make a room look chaotic and crowded. However, glass breaks very easily and this is a major drawback with these frames.

These glass  frames escape falls very rarely. They invariably crack or get damaged beyond repair. The only way to keep these frames intact is to display them in places completely out of reach so that accidents are avoided. Even when they have to be shifted from one place to another, they should be covered with ample bubble wrap and we must  ascertain that they are safely packed.

7. Types of Picture Frames : Mirrored Glass

Types of Picture Frames

There is no wonder that glass is always a preferred choice for these frames. It suits various types of decorations and can be made to give different effects too. It can look perfectly fashionable, enchanting, antique or ancient. These mirrored surfaces make the whole room look much bigger than they actually are.

Hence, if you really want to put up your photos or pictures but are worried about the room not being big enough, then these frames are right for you. Anything made out of glass is brittle and the same goes for these frames too.

If you decide on them, you have to be extra cautious if there are children around. Even otherwise, it is always advisable to place them in such a way that there are absolutely no accidents.

8. Types of Picture Frames : Crystal

Types of Picture Frames

These frames are ideal for exceptionally important and cherished photos relating to weddings or birthdays for instance. Though these do not come cheap, your loved ones will never complain about getting them as gifts.

When lit up, they glisten fascinatingly and this enhances the image by making it more splendid than it actually is. These brittle frames come at a cost and so should be handled with a lot of care specially because they carry nostalgic value too.


1. Types of Picture Frames : Rectangle

Types of Picture Frames

This frame owes its popularity to its shape which is equally popular. The standard shape for photos whether they are taken on cameras or on phones, is rectangle. If the frame is also the same shape, there is absolutely no need to make adjustments to the photo to fit it into the frame. The same applies to other things that are normally framed such as postcards, art prints, posters and certificates.

2. Types of Picture Frames : Square

Types of Picture Frames

Though these are not the preferred kind, they are available in plenty if you should need one. These frames add a fashionable look and add in that extra attraction. However, it is worth mentioning that using these frames will require a few changes to the size of the photograph to be framed.

3. Types of Picture Frames : Oval

Types of Picture Frames

These frames have a classy, antique look to them and this is not at all surprising as they suited the style of their times – the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In keeping with the style of this era, these frames are flamboyantly embellished. Since the shape of these frames is very different from the shape of the regular photos, the photos must be cut to an oval shape to fit perfectly into the frame.

4. Types of Picture Frames : Round

This is a shape that is not at all common among frames. Though they do a lot of justice to the picture they are displaying and serve to attract people more, they are not an easy find.

Extra Features

1. Personalized

Types of Picture Frames

As the name indicates, these frames allow bringing in personal details such a names, dates or even personalized messages. This increases their sentimental value and hence become cherished gifts.

2. Engraved

Types of Picture Frames

Apart from the photos they display, these frames also have individualized engravings or conventional ones such as ‘Family’ or ‘Love’. People love to receive them as gifts because they can be individualised to evoke precious memories. This is done by usually engraving special words onto the frame. For instance, if you engrave the word sister in the frame, the best photograph to put in would be one of you and your sister. This can be gifted to your sister.

3. Mats

Types of Picture Frames

Mats which can be put into frames are also available. These give a ‘frame inside a frame’ kind of look.They are always neutral in colour. This gives a more skilled and artistic appearance and also resembles a gallery style display too.

The mat furnishes a visible border all around the photo that is framed. Since frames are available in various dimensions, mats are also available in dimensions to suit these frames. So if you have a frame that came without a mat, you do not have to worry. You just need to buy a mat if the right size and fit it right in and give it an instantly up to date look.

4. Novelty

Types of Picture Frames

Just like the various other frames discussed, these frames are also available in different styles and dimensions. They are theme based frames and this makes it convenient to gift frames depicting themes that are liked by your friends.

For instance, you could get a frame with a sports theme for a person who loves sports or for a friend who has just had a child you could gift a frame with a baby themed frame. All they have to do is put in the correct photograph and gaze at it whenever they want to. Apart from giving an individual touch to the room, these frames can add to the embellishment of the room in many ways.

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