21 Different Types of Rugs with Pictures

Types of Rugs

It is essential to use rugs in your home space according to the playbook for home décor. It is crucial to have a rug in your room space. You can utilize rugs in various ways to enhance your home décor style.

Rugs can add a comfortable, cozy layer to your space, they can protect the flooring, define a specific lounge area, or fashionable rugs can also draw the eyes of the visitors towards it. Moreover, you can always buy a rug to make your footsteps land on soft cushion-like material. However, it can become difficult for you to choose the appropriate rug you’re your room.

There are different varieties of rugs available in the market. Therefore, choosing the exact rug for your specific room can be a tricky task. Each room space is indeed different. Hence, you can only add specific kinds of rugs for specific rooms. Therefore, this guideline will help you choose a suitable rug for your room type.  Choose the perfect rugs to get maximum advantages.

Choosing the Right Material

Many synthetic and natural materials are used to make up the premium quality rugs. However, each of these products comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some of them will give you more comfort than others, and some will be ethical.

Moreover, a few others will prove to be highly sustainable. Ultimately, it is in your hands which material to prefer. The common materials typically used for the production of rugs are animal hides, synthetic threads, cotton, silk, natural grass, and even wool. Now let’s discuss each one here.

Types of Rugs : Wool

types of rugs

The most popular carpeting material is wool. It is eco-friendly and is harvested during the summer season from sheep. Most people prefer rugs containing wool. It is because of the warmth quality that you can only get at your hearth.

A woolen rug adds a warm cozy atmosphere to the room. The properties of wool that make such rugs ideal are flexibility, stretchability, heat-inducing qualities, and durability. A good quality rug can last till 60 years. Moreover, it grows every year.

New Zealand and Australia are the leading countries to produce super-quality wool. These are used to create top-class rugs for enhanced comfort. This material can be regarded as an eco-friendly item as it does not contaminate the environment, which is long-lasting.

There is a coating that makes the rugs water-resistant. Moreover, the unique flameproof property makes it safer to place it anywhere in the home. On an overall basis, woolen rugs are amazing items to cover the floor with.

Not only does it increase the look and beauty of your room, but also it can give immense comfort. Hence, woolen rugs have a popular demand for every homeowner.

Types of Rugs : Silk


Persian and Oriental rugs are made from the fabric of silk only. Rugs or carpets made of silk have a smooth texture and an attractive gloss finish. Most importantly, these present incredible works of art and remarkable beautifying pieces.

These rugs have various unique, appealing fabric artworks and designs done on them by the carpet-makers. These delicate works can instantaneously draw the attention of the visitors to your home.

It takes a long time for the carpet makers to produce these world-famous silk carpets. It has a minimum density than wool, so silk requires major twists per square inch and takes longer to finish. The dye color naturally fades as the rug ages because the natural fiber cannot hold dye well.

However, it can get a bit hard to handle a silk rug as it gradually deforms. If the silk rugs are not handled properly, they can lose their shape properly. It is always a good choice to add these silk rugs to your study rooms. Silk rugs can give an expensive look to any room. Moreover, you can also use these silk pieces as wall hangings.

Types of Rugs : Cotton


Cotton rugs are an easy choice for any clothing material. You can add cotton rugs to your kitchen, living area, bedroom floor, or dining halls. Cotton rugs can look warm and comfy for any room. These cotton rugs are available in various styles.

These rugs are the most versatile ones with many numbers of variations, weaves, designs. Cotton is ideal for rugs due to its low maintenance and regular vacuuming. Cotton is a good material for daily use. Moreover, these rugs are easily washable. 

Types of Rugs : Natural Grass

natural grasses

Grass rugs are a sustainable choice. These are eco-friendly materials for rugs as they are obtained from nature. They are made from the best fast-growing plant-based fibers. You will find many popular options like sisal, hemp, bamboo, jute, and seagrass. People choose these rugs because they are fond of the warm, earthy, natural feel.

Moreover, the grass rugs lend a rustic yet casual aura to the rooms. You can also clean them easily as they only need to be dusted or vacuumed to remove dust and dirt. These rugs do not need a daily wash.

However, you will find the grass rugs to be very rough-textured and offer little cushioning. People mainly opt for grass rugs for their neutral and firm-textured style that can easily maintain a perfect definition. You can use these outdoors or for protecting the floor. One cannot sit on these for a long time due to the grassy texture.

Types of Rugs : Animal Hides

Animal Hides

There are different ways to utilize natural products like animal hides or skin in our daily usage. These skins provide a firm, durable material for your home rugs as well. You can also choose animal hides like sheepskin or cow-hide, which are natural materials for your rugs.

The manufacturers subject the skins to curing and tanning treatment to remove any odor and to prevent shedding. After the cleansing of the skin, the raw material is transformed into a rug-like texture. They are coated with natural oil making them water-resistant.

It is important to note that the chemical processing does not remove the natural print or designs on the skin, which adds a unique flavor to the room. These patterns on the rugs completely depend on the animal species.

A special detergent is used to remove all the stains from such rugs. It also helps to retain the glossy property.  Animal-hide rugs or carpets produce a classic rustic atmosphere in the living space.

However, some activists may consider this usage of animal skin for rug making as a heinous act, but it is important to note. In contrast, another group believes that it is a useful method to reuse natural materials in our daily lives instead of throwing them off.

For people who strictly want to choose an ethical version of these animal-printed rugs, there are various options for them as well. Their alternative materials made from synthetic plastic or nylon, such as faux hides, can add a similar texture and style without the real animal skin.

Types of Rugs : Synthetic

Types of Rugs : Synthetic

These are the artificial fibers produced by extracting the cellulose from the plants. You will find numerous materials that are used to make synthetic rugs today. They are microfiber, polyester, viscose, polypropylene, and nylon. These synthetic rugs appear exactly the same as the natural material they are mimicking.

You will not find these to be more durable than the natural ones used in rugs. These synthetic rugs are available in numerous styles and variations. The materials hold colors and dyes really well which makes them popular for vibrant décor options. These materials are easily washable and reusable for a longer period of time.

Choosing a Rug Style

We always used to choose new designs during shopping for rugs. You will find various types of rugs in the market. The rugs that are found in the market can be categorized as transitional, or traditional, or contemporary.

Types of Rugs : Traditional style

Types of Rugs : Traditional style

The traditional rugs are classical with old patterns and designs. The rugs resemble the Asian and Middle Eastern rugs. They have unique designer rugs. You will be able to chance upon the best floral pattern, border work, and a central medallion.

It is usually a definitive shape like a diamond or octagon. These are the classic rugs with different color patterns. These traditional designs have beautiful handpicked patterns or detailed works that draw attention from all over the world.

Other traditional rugs that you can find today are the kilims rugs. They come from places like Turkey, Central Asia, and North Africa. You will come across Dhurries from India. The Kilims and Dhurries are popular for their handcrafted weaves with hard work.

You will find the rugs being made from either wool or wool -cotton thread blends. The rugs are then colored with natural stains.  These handmade rugs are indigenous products and are the main source of occupation for many natives. Hence, these hand-woven carpets are worth introducing to your home space.

Types of Rugs : Transitional style

Types of Rugs : Transitional style

The Transitional rugs are the alternative rugs to being traditional and contemporary. The transitional designs include incorporating traditional designs on contemporary materials or applying contemporary artworks on traditional materials.

This mix-match alternative is commonly applied by different designers to yield new transitional styles. You will find the transitional rugs to be very stylish in recent years due to their various designs.

The transitional style rugs can merge with a room where classic furniture is placed. Ikkat rugs are the best example of the central transitional rug style. They came from East Asia and South America.

Ikkat refers to a resist dyeing process. After you weave them, you will find the threads creating a 3D design with switching bright colors.  The dual color variation can look interesting for creating an interesting home space.

Types of Rugs : Contemporary styles

Types of Rugs : Contemporary styles

You can choose from various contemporary rugs as well. The rugs that come with bold, abstract shapes and graphic patterns can be considered contemporary styles. The difference with the traditional ones lies in the patterns and the colors used on these carpets.

They also sport analogous and contrasting colors instead of intricate and detailed patterns like the traditional carpets. In the case of contemporary styled carpets, you can think of any color combinations and patterns available in the market.

Moreover, there is almost no boundary to your imagination when it comes to modern rugs and designs. It is required to pay extra care to these contemporary style rugs to retain their newness.

How To Choose the Rugs Based on Process of Making?

There are many objectives that you can consider to choose a perfect rug. People often consider the quality of the rugs based on their making or production. The manufacturers in the past decade used to make rugs and carpets primarily made by hand.

You will find highly skilled artisans using old techniques like knitting and weaving. These traditional weavers are highly skilled and hardworking individuals responsible for some of the interesting, unique designs available in the specific carpets.

Now, these rugs have become more popular and widely available, too. Today, in large-scale production, the replication of these designs is made using advanced machines—the machine-made production results in timely produce and uniformity in the quality.

Types of Rugs : Hand-Knotted Rugs

Types of Rugs : Hand-Knotted Rugs

You can also check out the more time-consuming hand-knotting process. Hand-knotting is an old process that involves the time-consuming production of hand-woven rugs. These rugs are expensive due to the hard work it requires to make.

This rug-making process dates back to earlier centuries. Loom is a special designing machine to carry out this process. However, it is a highly time-consuming process. The specialist ties the vertical threads and does the intertwining using the horizontal threads.

The next generation inherits these skills from the expert weavers to continue these traditional productions of carpets. Typically, these types of skills continue through generations giving rise to amazing rugs. Native families of the particular regions often own these productions.

Types of Rugs : Hand-tufted rugs

Types of Rugs : Hand-tufted rugs

It generally refers to a handmade process of producing rugs. Hand-tuft refers to the handwork with the threads to create fine rugs. But some weavers also use a tufting gun for the same.

It takes lesser time than the former method of hand-knotting. With the help of this gun, first, a loop is made on the thread. Then the expert pulls it down to complete the process. Thus, no knot is present in the rugs. The prints on the back enhance the look of the rugs.

The weavers often use a guide design on the back while tucking the threads while weaving. It is comparatively faster than the other hand weaving methods. Once the weaving is done, the guided design on the back is made perfect by adding extra thread lines to make the finished product look great.

Types of Rugs : Hand-woven rugs

Types of Rugs : Hand-woven rugs

It is the same process as hand-knotting, which involves wefting and warping threads. Hand-woven rugs are also made using looms. These are made on a flat surface without making piles of yarn.

Hence, this method is referred to as flat-weave rugs. You will find these rugs everywhere. These rugs are unique because the designs on them are reversible.  These rugs are also made using machines.

Types of Rugs :Machine-made rugs

Types of Rugs :Machine-made rugs

These involve the production of multiple rugs using many power looms of high power. Although it processes following the hand-knotting method, the speed is outstanding. These machines can yield hundreds of rugs per day.

These machine-produced rugs resemble hand-woven rugs with lesser expense than a handmade rug. The machines can also produce rugs with piling up or flat weaving styles.

Types of Rugs :Hooked rugs

Types of Rugs :Hooked rugs

These rugs follow the looping technique like the hand-tufted ones. However, the loops remain intact at the face. Hook-rugs do not involve flat piling.

Types of Rugs : Braided rugs

Types of Rugs : Braided rugs

These come out with the help of the interweaving process. It is the quickest method for rug production that involves three strips of thread. The three strips of thread can also involve three bundles of thread. You can have these rugs in both machine-made and handmade forms.

Choosing Rugs Based on the Rooms in Your House

It can get confusing when choosing a rug for different rooms. You can choose a rug for several reasons, such as to lessen the sound of footsteps in bedrooms or add a comfortable sitting and playing sport in the toddlers’ space. You can also choose a carpet to create a statement in your living area. The following guidelines can be useful for your decision-making.

If you are going to decide the rugs types for a room, the criteria will be different. Here are some of the choices;-

Types of Rugs : Living Room and Bedroom Rugs

Types of Rugs : Living Room and Bedroom Rugs

For the living room or bedrooms, area rugs are the best alternatives. Area rugs can create a look specific to particular furniture, like a table or a small counter. Small carpets can allow creating a definition of large living space.

They can also complement the home décor by being placed at different corners. It would help if you decided the type of material of these carpets depending on the room’s traffic. You can choose either synthetic or natural materials for these rugs.

Types of Rugs : Hallway & Stairs Rugs

Types of Rugs : Hallway & Stairs Rugs

Carpets can act as runners to cover the stairs or the hallways. It is indeed a sophisticated and eye-catching design. These runners add the spacious, delicate appearance of any narrow hallway of the house.

It is essential to choose a type that provides comfort and protects the floor from any damages. Narrow runner carpets with unique designs can introduce a beginning point and an ending in an open-flat area. These rugs are available in different materials like wool, cotton, or acrylic, durable and sturdy for home space.

Types of Rugs : The Outdoor Rugs

Types of Rugs : The Outdoor Rugs

The Outdoor rugs must be durable and strong enough to withstand harsh situations. Natural grass rugs are the first choice to cover the outdoor area. However, the rugs from animal hides or wool can also be striking preferences.

These can resist water also. You must note certain objectives while choosing a rug for the outdoors, such as the aesthetic capability that connects the indoors with the outdoors of your home. You can choose long-lasting and rain-proof materials such as wool or animal hide.

Types of Rugs : Kitchen Rugs

Types of Rugs : Kitchen Rugs

You can add some decorative masterpieces to the kitchen. However, many a time, the desired warmth is absent. So, to transform your old shabby rug into a brighter one, a flat weave is ideal for this case.

You can choose rugs of synthetic materials, cotton or wool. It is easier to clean these carpets even using a detergent. A kitchen rug can introduce color into the kitchen space. It is also important to choose an appropriate material for the kitchen room depending on the busy usage of the room. A warm and soothing rug can transform a dull, clinical kitchen into a lively and homely environment.

Types of Rugs : Kid’s Room Rugs

Types of Rugs : Kid’s Room Rugs

It is challenging to decorate a kid’s room. So, a rug has to go through several activities like crawling, jumping, apart from just walking. Moreover, it would be best if you considered the safety of the material also.

For a kid’s room, it is ideal to choose soft materials and materials which are easy to maintain. To minimize the possibilities of tripping, you may go for the fire-resistant ones. It is better to choose a flat weave or a low-pile woven rug for the kid’s room.

Moreover, rugs made from nylon or viscose are also suitable. But woolen ones are more durable. Moreover, a kid’s room can become the dirty one due to dirt spills or games. Hence, you must opt for lighter and washable material for the rug. You may also choose vibrant colors of contemporary rugs for toddlers’ rooms.


It is an exciting process to discover the correct types of rugs for all your rooms. Be patient and make sensible decisions for complete satisfaction. You must choose an easy weaving style to lessen the complication.

However, if you regret a heavily designed rug then you can easily choose a light woven alternative. Hopefully, you now possess all the knowledge regarding the different forms of rugs. So, give your home what it deserves. 

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