16 Types of Tile Removal Tools with Pictures

Tile Removal Tools – It is quite natural to want to keep making changes to our house. All of us want to continuously update our houses and keep up with the latest fashion. And there are many parts of the house that we can update.

One of the most important of these is the tiles we use for the house. Tiles are the very basic elements when we build a house. So, it is a good idea to update your tiles if you want to enhance the looks of your house.

We use tiles on the floor and the walls also. Where ever the tiles are, they are the building blocks on which the interior design of the house is based. If you work on enhancing the looks of your house without updating your tiles, then, the old tiles will give the house an antique look.

Other than just the looks, tiles may also have functional problems if they are chipped or get damaged. At times, because of continuous wear and tear, sometimes tiles become slippery. In such circumstances, these tiles will need to be replaced.

Though this is very necessary, the whole procedure can burn a hole in your pocket. However, most of these expenses are the charges for the tiler to remove the old tiles and dispose of them. This expense can be entirely avoided if you do not have to employ a tiler.

This means that you will have to remove the tiles on your own. This might sound really daunting and you may think that it will get rather chaotic. But, if you use the appropriate tools, all you will need is a day to remove the tiles.

So, to make the job of removing the tiles easy, the first thing that you have to arrange is the appropriate tools. At times, you find that the required tools are already available in your house. However, if the area to be worked on is really big, then it is best to buy some specialist tools. The most important thing to consider here is your safety when you work on the tiles. So, it is imperative to ensure that all the safety equipment is in place.

The Hammer

Tile Removal Tools

If you do not want to spend too much on tools to remove tiles, then a hammer is the best and most inexpensive choice. Hammers are quite commonly found in most households and so you might already have one.

Do not worry if you do not own one. Hammers are available at any hardware store and do not cost much at all. The hammer that you buy for this purpose will come in useful for a lot of other work as hammers are multi-purpose tools.

So, hammers are unlike other specialist tools which can be used for specific work only. Though a mallet hammer will be the best for this purpose, you can use a claw hammer also if you own one. All said and done, you do not have to look only for one particular type of hammer to work on your tiles.

There is a reason for preferring a mallet hammer. This kind of hammer is used to force a chisel under the tiles so that you can lift the tiles and remove them. The simple difference is that a mallet hammer has a bigger surface and this will help you to be more precise. A claw hammer is also good enough. The only thing with this hammer is that you have to be more careful.

There is another advantage of using a hammer for this purpose. Sometimes, particularly with tiles that are large, they may not come out in a single piece. You may need to break the tiles into smaller pieces and a hammer is the best thing to use for this.

The Masonry chisel

A masonry chisel and a hammer make a great combination for this kind of work. Some areas of the house such as corners prove to be tricky when you try to remove the tiles. They can be difficult to reach and the position of the tiles in the corner may make it complicated and hard to reach.

The masonry chisel has a pointed end and so can be used comfortably to remove tiles in corners also.  Place the pointed end of the chisel at the end of the tile where the edge meets the surface. After this, hit the other end of the masonry chisel with a hammer. This will force the tile to come up from the floor.

Just like the hammer, a masonry chisel also is not very expensive and will also be used for jobs other than removing tiles also. Even If you want to remove tiles in a whole room, you can finish the task with a hammer and a chisel. Since you will not need any additional power tools, you will not have to spend too much. The only thing to remember is that working with just these two tools will take longer.

A masonry chisel is also very useful to remove grout that is still stuck to the floor after removing the tile, if the grout is also removed, then the floor will be smooth. After this, when you redo your floor, the smoothness will make your job much easier.

The Sledgehammer

A sledgehammer is a tool that can be used manually to break up tiles. The tiles can be broken up and then removed. Since it is stronger than a hammer, it works faster in breaking up tiles. The only drawback is that it cannot be used in rooms where there is not too much space like for instance, the bathroom.

This is because a sledgehammer is a tool with a good length and so, you will need the space to be able to move it and work with it. So, do not choose this tool if you have to remove tiles in a small room.

The strength of the sledgehammer can work to its disadvantage also. Because of the power of the tool, it tends to damage things in the room when it is being used. For instance, if you are replacing only the tiles in the kitchen and no other part of the kitchen is being remodeled, then you should take extra care to see that the strong sledgehammer does not damage anything else. 

If you choose a really heavy sledgehammer, the advantage is the strength and the disadvantage is the energy you exert to use it. There are some sledgehammers that are designed to avoid the exhaustion that results from using them.

However, using a sledgehammer is definitely a strain on the user and so, if you are planning to work on a big space, then it is better that you opt for a power tool so that you finish your work fast and effortlessly too.

Drill with the tile drill bit

At times, some tiles are really difficult to remove and this tool comes in very handy at these times. This instrument has a tile drill. This is capable of drilling holes into tiles that are difficult to remove. How does drilling holes into tiles help? 

When holes are drilled into them, the tiles lose their strength resistance and hence, can be removed easily using the necessary tools. At times, the grout around tiles does not allow you to force your chisel under the tile. 

Here also, the drill with the tile drill is useful.  You should first drill holes in the grout so that you can access under the tile using a chisel. After inserting the chisel under the tile, it is easy to lift it up and remove it.

The strength of the tiles depends on the material from which it is made. Similarly,  the kind of material used for your tiles will determine the kind of machine you need to drill into it. Ceramic tiles are a typical example of this.

They are really strong and cannot be drilled into easily. So, for these tiles, you need to use a diamond drill bit. For tiles that cannot be removed in the conventional ways, we could use the drill with a tile drill bit. Very often, there will be no use for this tool at all.

The Air hammer

This pneumatic tool is really useful as it makes the complicated job of removing tiles much easier. The way it works is very different from the way the other hammers work. This has a head that is made to swing back and forth by using pressurized air.

This swing by the hammer is systematic. The outcome of this action is a hammer that is really powerful and can get the work done on its own with absolutely no exertion on the part of the one handling it. On average, the air hammer is capable of generating at least 5000 swings per second.

Another good idea is to fix a chisel head on the air hammer. This will help greatly as the chisel head will break up the tiles and the grout rapidly and smoothly. Though they are not as accurate as chisels operated manually, they are really good and also save us a lot of effort and work.  

The biggest advantage of using the right air hammer is the comfort of using them and the swiftness with which they work. These hammers score over the manual hammers because they help you remove the tiles effortlessly and fast. You will not tire out too because there is actually nothing else that you have to do other than retaining the tool in the right position.

The Floor scraper

This is an ideal tool if your tiles are not fixed too firmly. In this case, you can remove all the tiles with the help of only a floor scraper. This hand tool has an angled scraper. This scraper is fixed to the end of the tool.

Since this has to reach under the tiles, the edge is super thin. After you have placed the scraper under the tile, you have to press the handle. This makes the scraper push the tile up and lift it.

Though these tools are really strong, they are not at all costly. However, unlike some other tools that come in useful for other tasks, this tool can be used only for scraping tiles and grout. It does not have any other use.

There are two kinds of handles that these floor scrapers come with. Some of them have a short handle and some have a long handle. The ones with the short handles are to be used when you are on your hands and knees.

The ones with the long handle allow you to work as you are standing up. After successfully removing the tiles using this tool, you can continue using it to clear up any remaining grout or glue used to stick the tiles. This will make your floor smooth and ready to take on new flooring.

The Pry bar

Though the function of the pry bar is very similar to that of the tile scraper, it is intended for broader uses. The thick steel that these tools are made of makes them strong, tough, and durable.

The pry bar is equipped with afoot at the end of the bar. This foot has an angled edge that can be easily pushed under the edge of a tile. After it is pushed in, exercise some force on the pry bar. This will dislodge the tile and push it up.

The pry bar can double up as a chisel also. The blade of the tool has to be placed under the tile. After this, hammer the back end so that it gets pushed deeper under the tile and can dislodge it and push it up more easily. 

Apart from this kind of use, the pry bar can be used in a number of other ways too. They are easily accessible and are not at all expensive and that makes it very easy to buy one. The first thing to look for when you buy one is to see if it is really sturdy. If you are careful about the quality of the pry bar that you buy, then, you do not have to think of buying one again as this one will last you a lifetime.

The Demolition Fork

This is an alternative to using the pry bar. Both these tools look alike but the demolition fork differs in the fact that it has a solid fork at one end. This tool is also very strong and dependable like the pry bar. It is good to use when you are demolishing tiles and also in any other reconstruction projects.

Using this tool is simple. You just have to push at the end that is shaped like a fork under the tile. After this is done, you have to exert force on the handle. This will move the fork up and thus the tile will get dislodged. The process is simple and can help you finish working on a whole room. However, working with this tool for a long time could drain your energy as you will be using a lot of your energy to use the tool.

This tool is available in different sizes. So, when you buy one, you have to be careful and choose the one that is comfortable for you to use. Choosing the wrong size could cause a lot of discomforts like back and shoulder pain.

It is easy to decide the correct size for you. The length of the fork should be the same as the length of the shovel that you normally use. This tool will come in handy in any kind of demolition work that you will have to do in the future also. There are other good uses for this tool also. If you are planning to demolish a wall or if you are going to pull down drywall, then this device will be very handy.

Multi-purpose oscillating tool

This multipurpose tool is also called the ‘power grout removal tool’. And this is exactly what it is used for. It has many different attachments which can help it with its multiple functions. One of these attachments helps to crush grout. This helps to remove the grout that is present between tiles.

One of the most difficult parts of removing tiles is removing the grout that holds the tiles together. There are many tools that help to remove tiles effortlessly. However, after removing the tiles, if you think all your work is over, then think again. 

You will still have to remove the grout that is left behind. Removing grout becomes very important because the floor needs to be smooth in order to take up a new floor. There are tools like the chisel and hammer which help with grout removal but for large areas, it may be difficult to work with them.

For such areas, it is best to use the multi-purpose oscillating tool to finish your work smoothly in a short time. A tool like this which is so powerful and can remove grout with ease will actually ease all the usual burden of removing grout.

Since this is a tool that can do other things also, the money spent on it will be well spent. There are other head options that you can couple with this tool like saw blades which can cut wood and also sanding pads.

Manual grout removal tool

There are a lot of similarities between a manual grout removal tool and a screwdriver. The basic difference between these two is that the manual grout removal tool has a drive at the end.

It is fitted with a portion of metal that is molded like a triangle with a sharp point. This part of the tool is very helpful in removing grout. The best thing about it is that it can work well in areas that are not too big also.

If you do not want to spend money on tools that can help you with areas that are huge, then the manual grout removal tool will be very helpful. However, working on huge areas with this tool will be very time-consuming.

The other inconvenience with this tool is that if you use it extensively for a long time, then your hands may get hurt. To avoid this situation, you should choose a tool with a handle with an ergonomic grip.

The Jackhammer

Jackhammers and air hammers are very similar,  but the jackhammer is a much bigger tool than the air hammer. Both of them work on the same concept of forcing air out. However, the jackhammer is much stronger than the air hammer.

Jackhammers are very commonly used in huge projects, for instance, projects which involve digging up roads and paths. Since this tool can handle such big projects, it can handle small projects like tile removal very easily. However, before you decide to use a jackhammer to make your job easier,  consider the following points.

The first point to note is that this machine is strong enough to complete huge projects easily. Handling such a powerful machine is not easy and cannot be done by someone with no experience. 

So, you should find professionals who can do the job for you with this machine. Experimenting with a jackhammer at home is not a good idea at all as it involves the safety of the floor that you are working on. One small error also can prove to be an expensive affair.

The second point to note is that you cannot use a jackhammer for all kinds of tile removal work. To decide whether you can use a jackhammer or not needs a lot of assessing. Space constraint is of paramount importance in making this decision.

These tools do not come cheap and so, many people do not think of them as solutions to their problems. However, even if you are not able to buy one, you should be able to rent one for a couple of days from a store that hires out tools.

The Safety goggles

It is definitely a great idea to remove tiles on your own without the help of professionals. However, it is important to know the safety measures you need to take when you remove tiles.

You will need some accessories that will protect you from inadvertent accidents. Wearing safety goggles should be one of your priorities when you embark on this job. Though they are available cheap, they play a very significant role in keeping your eyes and vision secure.

Apart from being cheap, using safety goggles is not at all complicated. It is a very easy but efficient method to keep your eyes safe. Removing tiles involves breaking the tiles and dislodging them.

During the process, it is very likely that small pieces could break away from the tiles or the grout that is used to fix the tiles to the floor. If these pieces reach your face and your eyes,  you might face problems with your eyes.

Apart from this, there is also bound to be a lot of dust flying around in a room where the tiles are being removed. This dust could also harm your eyes and also obstruct your vision thus not letting you work smoothly. Wearing a pair of safety goggles will solve both these problems.

The Wheelbarrow

After removing the tiles and grout in a room, you will have to also ensure that they are disposed of properly, and to do this, you will have to transfer the tiles outside. Carrying the tiles and grout outside on your own is a tough job and may need quite a number of trips to carry out all the debris.

The weight and the sharpness of the dislodged tiles will also be a strain on you. Carrying out the tiles and the debris in a wheelbarrow is the best solution to this problem. Using a wheelbarrow eases your task and is not at all time-consuming.

It is not anything that is difficult to procure as it is a common item in many households. If you do not possess a wheelbarrow, then buying one is a good idea as the wheelbarrow has many uses other than just transporting the tiles outside. If this does not suit you, borrowing one for a couple of days will help you with your work.

The Work gloves

Gloves are manufactured and used with one main intention: to protect your hand and skin from coming in the way of harm. Work gloves also have the same function and they are made out of thick fabric to withstand pressure and strain.

The reinforced fingers that are part of the gloves are mostly made of rubber or leather. It is imperative to use these gloves when you are removing tiles also as the tiles that are broken and dislodged may have really sharp edges.

These edges might cut or harm your hands in other ways. There are other accidents also that may occur during the process. The tools that you use may slip and injure you. Gloves are protective measures that avoid these injuries.

These inexpensive items cost only as much as a couple of dollars and can be used multiple times also. Just ascertain that the gloves that you buy are thick and dependable. It is a good idea to try and see if it fits your hand well.  Ill-fitting gloves can be a problem rather than a solution for they can hinder you when you grip tools required for the job.

Noise-canceling headphones

Removing tiles is not a quiet job at all. It entails a lot of loud noise especially when you use power tools. The best way to handle this noise is to use noise-canceling headphones. This onslaught of loud noise can actually affect your hearing. However, wearing noise-canceling headphones not only protects your ears and hearing but also keeps away the noise thus making your job more agreeable.

If you work often with power tools that cause a lot of noise, you will be risking irreversible damage to your long-term hearing. All you need to do to avoid such a major issue is to wear noise-canceling headphones. This is a simple and very inexpensive way to keep your hearing safe.

The Vacuum

It is difficult to imagine a worksite without a vacuum. The task of removing tiles is also no different and it invariably kicks up a lot of dust. The best way to handle the dust is to vacuum it promptly so that it does not gather enough to obstruct your vision.

This method will also stop the dust from invading the other areas in your house. Such a lot of dust can also be a problem for the vacuum as such thick dust and debris may block the machine. If you are planning on renovation, it is advisable to use a separate vacuum so that you avoid any damage to your regular vacuum.

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