Undermount vs Drop in Sink – 7 Critical Points

Buying the right sink for your home or kitchen is a tedious task, a lot of parameters need to be taken into consideration when you are out for a sink, like the parts of the sink, style, price, resale value, and more.

Although, the market is filled with different types of sinks and you probably need to dig more to get the right one according to your home style or needs. This article deals with the full comparison between Undermount vs Drop in sink – Let’s find out which is best for your home.

What is the difference between undermount and drop-in sinks?

The key difference between the undermount sink and drop-in sink is the existence of a RIM. Usually, the unmounted sinks are installed under the sink so due to this, the rim is invisible to us. This makes the counter cleaning process much smoother as you will be having the extra space to wrap the dust on the counter.

When it comes to the drop-sink installation, they are going to be fixed on the counter where you can clearly see the RIM. But here the installation process is much easier because the sink is completely seen. When it comes to cleaning, a drop-sink is always stayed on top of the line due to the easy cleaning facility it has.

Undermount vs Drop in Sink : Pros and Cons

The under-mount sink is a type of sink installed exactly under the countertop. The installation operation goes in a such way that it hides the rim of the sink, thus giving you a wide space for the countertop to use.

To install the under-mounted sinks, you need to use premium quality accessories materials in order to have long-lasting durability. You cannot use the general material with this installation process as it is not going to sync with this method. Undermounted sinks come in different options such as – stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and solid surface materials.

What are the Advantages of an Undermount Sink?

If you are looking for an easy cleaning sink then an under-mount sink is the clear winner in terms of countertop cleaning. Due to this, more people are opting for under-mount sinks in the market. The reason behind the high sales for under-mount sinks is – you don’t have a lip to create an obstruction near to the sink. You can clear the food fragments instantly from the sink and counter.

  • Easier to Clean Counter Top: As the sink installation is done under the countertop, the process of cleaning the countertop is much fast and easy. If you compare the drop-in sink with the undermount sink, the parts are unseen in drop-in sink. So, overall you will have the great experience in terms of cleaning the countertop.
  • Because the sink is installed underneath the countertop, cleaning the countertop is much easier. Compared to a drop-in sink where the sink obscures part of the counter, you can easily clean the entire length of the countertop with ease with an under-mount install. Since the countertop is seamless, you can simply wipe or push any dirt or filth into the sink and dispose of it.
  • More Popular Style: As mentioned previously, under-mount sinks are much more attractive aesthetically. This is because their installation method allows your counter or vanity to stand out more compared to a drop-in sink. As a result, this style is considered to be much more modern and more popular than it’s counterparts. 
  • Better Resale Value: As stated previously, under-mount sinks are much more popular than drop-in sinks. This translates to a better resale value down the road as most home buyers are looking for an under-mount sink rather than a drop-in sink.

What are the Disadvantages of an Undermount Sink ?

Till now, you have read about the advantages of having an under-mount sink in your kitchen, but there are some disadvantages too with this sink. One of the prime drawbacks is the method of installing. Yes, it’s pretty complex than the drop-in sink installation. Due to this, you need to compromise with the style of the materials.

Complex to clean: As most parts of the sink are installed under the countertop, it will be a heck task for you to clean up the sides and edges of the sink. Moreover, some other parts of the sink are hidden under the countertop, so it becomes hard to clean the dirt from such areas.

Hard to install: The Under-mount sink installation is done under the countertop. Thus, anyone who is going to install the sink should have the proper knowledge and experience to know how much the sink weighs, inclining to the countertop to give maximum protection. Compared with the drop-in sink installation, they are pretty simple, they are just dropped onto the recess and fixed. But not in the case of the under-mount sink, you should find an expert to do the work.

Do Undermount Sinks Cost More ?

High Price: To be honest, Undermount sinks is a high-ticket product. At least I can say that they are costlier than the drop-in sink for sure. The reason is, quality material is used to build the undermount sink for long-lasting, whereas the drop-in sink requires fewer materials. All are based on your choice, if you want an aesthetic and authentic sink, go with the under-mount sink, or else you can opt to drop-in sink.

The Pros and Cons of a Drop-In Sink

Let’s take a look at what drop-in sink’s pros and cons are: Drop-in sinks are very simple to install. They are just dropped under the recess and then secured. You can install these sinks with any common material you have, just like the fireclay, stainless steel, Composite Granite, Copper, Quartz, Natural Stone, Porcelain, and cast iron.

Pros of a Drop-in Sink

If you are going with a drop sink then you have various advantages one such is the access. The installation is very simple and you can just build the sink from basic materials.

Drop-in sinks are cost-effective. Yes, you heard it right. The price is very low compared to the under-mount sink. In terms of materials, they come in different options. So you can choose according to your price and needs. Another point is, you can also install the drop-in sink with some basic understanding. That will also help you to save some bucks by just not going for a professional expert.

As above we have already said, the installation is super easy. You can install these drop-in sinks in any type of home you have.

Different materials: The strong point of going with the drop-in sinks is the materials. You have a plethora of options to opt for and are also very easy to install at a low cost. Thus making this sink an ideal choice for the homeowners.

Cons of a Drop-in 

Now let’s move on to the Cons of these drop-in sinks.

Over the period of time, drop sinks have lost their popularity in the market due to the in-coming of under-mount sinks. Although they are very simple to install and access. But most of the homeowners are preferring the undermount sink over the drop-in sinks. Due to this, they are no more a reputed product when compared to the latest sink versions.

Difficult to clean- as the rim of the sink comes into play, it makes the cleaning process tough near the edges. The food particles will get stuck into the sink, making it very hard to clean.

These sinks will take a large space in terms of fitting the counter space with the rim. That gives you the overall space. However, you have some amount of space, the major drawback of this sink is, the countertop is not good as you will get in trouble when you look to clean the sink. You will also face problems with the food particles getting stuck in the sink.

Overall, which is better: Undermount or Drop-in Sinks?

So, now we are at the conclusion and the question stands is; which is the best sink? To be very honest with you, it’s your call. Drop-in sinks are cost-effective, durable, and simple to install. Keep in mind that drop-in sinks don’t have a high resale value. Whereas, the under-mount sink needs the up-front investment. But here, they are much reputed than the drop-in sinks and also have a high resale value.

What other factors to consider when choosing a bathroom sink

If you are going out for the perfect kitchen sink or bathroom sink, you need to look at certain parameters. One super important thing is the PRICE, next comes the style, and at last the resale value. Also not to forget to check the kitchen sink parts too.

No one wants to burn the cash without getting the worth product. You may get high expenses when you renovate the bathroom. Finding the perfect sink for your house is a tough task. You need to keep everything in the mind, the price of the sink and overall bathroom cost. The sink is one of the most essential products, but there are other products to look like your bathtub, parts of the toilet, so think twice before you make the decision.

Everyone has their own taste, style is something which totally independent. There are different types of stylish bathrooms are available in the market, it’s up to you to choose according to your needs. Eventually, it’s your bathroom, you have the authority to select.

Resale is something that often comes to mind no matter whatever you buy. You need to pay attention when you buy the sink. We already spoke about this in the above paragraphs, the under-mount comes with good resale value than the drop-in sink. So choose wisely, if you want to save some cash.

Now, all we can say is, you got the full comparison in these two sinks right? Both these have their benefits and drawbacks. It’s your call to make the decision. If the budget is the prior, I would suggest you go with the drop-in sinks, if you want the modern design sinks, go with the undermount sink as it will make your bathroom look astonishing.

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