What Color Curtains go With Gray Walls – ( 13 Stunning Colors )

When we decide on the color for our walls, we are flooded with numerous shades of the same color to choose from. For instance, if we choose grey, there are a whopping 50 shades and more to select from.

After a lot of thought and reflection, we decide on the shade that we think will completely change the look and make it look appealing. After we do this, we should divert our attention to other accessories that complement the wall. The most important of these are the curtains that adorn the windows.

What Color Curtains go With Gray Walls

There are two things to consider here. Select the apt curtain type and the right color. Grey is a color that is prevalently used for walls. It brings about an ageless kind of look to the room, be it the bedroom, living room, or any other room.

This is a favorite color with many interior decorators working with residences. When you go on to the next step of selecting the color of curtains which will suit the grey, you will be flooded with amazing options. You can make your choice depending on the aura and mood that you are thinking of. This article talks about 13 such colors that will help you with your decision.

1. White Curtains on Grey Wall

what color curtains go with gray walls

Fresh, white curtains are the best match for dark grey walls. These curtains add a plush and gorgeous look to the walls. Though white is usually associated with being cold, it can change things completely when it is used in combination with a grey wall.

It brings in a lot of consistency and makes the whole room alluring. The best way to achieve the finest effect will be to hang the curtains a little higher than the standard window heights so that it looks there is a lot of places. 

These white curtains can be used confidently in most rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and kids’ rooms. The neutral quality of white makes it suitable for any color that is used in the background.

Anyone’s attention will automatically go towards the white and grey combination provided by the curtains and the wall. These curtains also instantly brighten up the room and make it look exquisite.

2. Charcoal Grey Curtains on Medium Grey Wall

To enhance the look of a room to a large extent, think of matching textured grey walls with curtains which go very well with it. In the picture given, the charcoal grey curtains add a rich and posh effect coupled with the primarily grey walls. Here, the furniture is also designed to match the main color. All these together bring a fashionable and elegant ambiance to the room.

3. Grey Curtains on Light Grey Wall

It is not necessary for the walls to be dark grey to suit curtains that are a lighter shade of the same color. The best quality of grey is that it is very neutral. This gives the windows a classic look. The picture features a room in which the curtains are slightly darker than the walls though both are of the same color.

This pattern is responsible for the attractive look of the room. If you would like to decorate your room with one color predominantly, then you should go for a double shade of grey and make the furniture also white and grey. The picture stands testimony to this. The mix and match of grey and white bring an enjoyable consistency to the room.

4. Beige Curtains on Grey Wall

Another option if you want a warmer color is curtains that are colored greyish beige. It is not difficult to see why these curtains are hot sellers these days. They are versatile and do equally well with grey walls and with exposed bricks and concrete alike.

The curtains in the picture given are linen curtains. Linen ensures admirable longevity. There is a bigger surprise hidden in these curtains. They have actually insulated curtains and this will lead to a reduction in your bill!! Is there anything more you could wish for in a curtain?

5. Black Curtains on Grey Wall

If you want versatile curtains with multiple uses, choose black curtains. Apart from bringing in a lot of finesse, they are a boon in preventing bright light from coming into the room. Imagine a room made dark by these curtains when you want to watch a movie!!

Basically, black and grey are highly related shades. The distinction is that black is darker than grey. Mixing and matching these two shades will be a feast for those who want to decorate their room with a single color.

No other color combination can compete with this combination in making a room look decorous and dignified. In addition to all this, the curtains in the picture which are from Deconovo, actually stop heat from going out of the room and also prevent sunlight from coming in. There can be no better choice to go with your grey walls.

6. Bright Red Curtain on Dark Grey Wall

The calm, charming look of neutral colors may not be your cup of tea. If this does not appeal to you, you could always opt for brighter shades such as a lively red for your curtains to be paired with a grey wall. This extraordinary combination is a sure winner for it renders a romantic atmosphere and also infuses a lot of life into conventional living rooms.

7. Coral Curtains on Dark Grey Wall

If bright red does not please you, you have more options too. A coral curtain matched with a grey wall is the dream of a person who likes more subtle colors. Since it is not as loud and bright as red, the resulting color scheme is perfect.

The picture given above goes one step further and matches a lot of other furniture also with the coral pink curtains and it definitely pays off well. The coral pink transforms the grey color, soothes it, and gives it a much more pleasant look. However, it is to be noted that this color is not the best one for your child’s bedroom though it blends in very well with the living room or in your bedroom.

8. Soft Pink Curtain on Light Grey Walls

The winning combination of pink and grey casts a delicately feminine effect on a room. In the picture given, the kitchen has acquired such an elegant look thanks to the light pink curtain and the light grey background.

Apart from the amazing effects these two colors bring, they balance out each other beautifully well. If you are mesmerized by this feminine effect, you can achieve it in your dining room, kitchen, living room, or in any room for that matter with just a minimum use of this lovely pink. Just make sure that you use heavy full-size curtains in this color.

9. Mustard Yellow Curtain on Grey Wall

If you would like a spectacular effect in an otherwise predominantly grey room, go for mustard yellow. This bright hue will light up your room and brighten up the grey all through the day. The advantage of this color is that it has this wonderful effect on any kind of room, be it a modern, ancient or conventional room.

10. Ocean Blue Curtain on Grey Wall

A soothing effect is welcome in any room and this can be achieved by combining blue and grey. The relaxing ocean blue curtains in the picture break the monotony of the grey and they definitely are very noticeable against the grey. This kind of color which is relaxing will probably be best for the bedroom where we rest.

11. Olive Green Curtains on Warm Grey Wall

Green is another color that goes hand in hand with grey. The olive green curtains in the picture offset the grey in the walls brilliantly well. The comfortable ambiance in the room is directly proportional to the darkness of the green color of your curtain.

In addition to this, if you adorn your living room with furniture to match the curtain, the living room with brightening up a lot. The appealing curtains in the picture are from NICETOWN. These curtains can completely keep sunlight out whenever you want and make a much-needed nap a pleasure. You can also fashion them in 3 different ways – with clip rings, pleated, or shirred.

12. Mix of Cool and Warm Colors

The latest fashion in curtains is to mix 3 colors that are cool and warm. It is a good idea to use blue, white, and tan together to match the grey in the background. These strong colors boost the richness of the room and will definitely be liked by people with diverse tastes. To complete the whole setup, think of bringing in bronze and metallic accents too.

13. Bold Patterns on Grey Wall

Bold patterned curtains are the best bet if you want to reinforce your house, whether the style is traditional or modern. These curtains come in either geometric or serene patterns and are decorated with a lot of colors.

The multi-colored curtains in the picture from Lush Décor are bound to bring about a completely different unconventional aura to all rooms including the bathroom.

Important Tips

There are some general ideas to decorate a room with grey walls. You must remember your furniture too when you are in the process of matching your curtains to the grey wall. Match the furniture also to the curtains and see the magic.

There are two ways of matching these colors to grey. You can either match the grey or make it completely different. To make it clearer, the sofa and the floor covering could match the grey color. Or, you could choose furniture that is a cream to boost the effect of the grey walls.


With so many fascinating options available, it is no secret that choosing your curtain color is a difficult process. This article will hopefully be of guidance to you.

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