What color door goes with brown windows? ( 8 Best Options )

What color door goes with brown windows ? – Doors and windows are very essential to a house in terms of lighting and safety. Apart from these functions they serve, they also add style quotient to the house and the kind of doors and windows we choose, and the color of these doors and windows also matter a lot.

It is quite natural for anyone to look for windows and doors that complement each other in looks and in color. So, if you are in the process of building your house or if you are looking at replacing your existing door, your windows will also be an important part of your decision-making. Other than your windows, you will also want to consider other items that are outside your house that may clash with the door if not considered.

Actually, this decision rests on various components such as the color of the window, the siding, the shutters, or even the wrap-around deck. This article will analyze the finest colors for doors that will suit window frames that are brown in color.

Should your door color match the windows?

There is no one answer to this question and it actually is a personal choice. If you are a person who prefers a homogenous look, then you should ensure that your windows and front door are of the same color. This approach gives an integrated appearance that is so orderly and subtle.

However, if you would like to make a striking impression with your front door, then you must make it a point to vary the color and differ it from the color of the door frame. In fact, to create an outstanding effect, give the front door a color that varies from every other color in the outside of the house.

The other option is to paint two elements on the outside of the house similarly. For instance, the front door could be made to match the garage door of the shutters. The plan brings in a harmonized look between some parts of the house, thus connecting them in a way. Some people prefer this look whereas others may feel that it is too coordinated for their liking.

Should Your Front Door Match Your Back Door ?

As far as style and fashion go, it is not imperative that the colors of your front and back doors are the same. However, if you want to decorate your house in a unified way, then it is perfectly fine to match both doors in color.

It should be noted that whatever be your preference, it may not be a good idea to match the front and back doors if they are completely different from each other. For instance, you may have a wooden door in the front and a uPVC French door in the back.

Best Front Door Colors for Brown Windows

It is a great idea to have brown window frames because brown is so neutral in a shade that you can actually match it to any color of your liking. This actually means that you are free to choose any shade of your liking for your front door without worrying about whether it matches the door frame.

Since brown is a color with hints of red and orange, you can always choose a warm color that is different from the window frames. Even if it differs from the window frames, it will not clash with it as the colors are related and possess identical characteristics. This is if you would like to match the colors.

For a diverse and striking look, choose a calm and serene shade that will offset the brown of the window frames. The following are some choices that you can make for your front door if you have brown windows.


The first choice that comes to our mind when matching a door to brown window frames is brown itself. However, just painting your door to match your frame exactly is not the only way to do it.

One way of looking at it is to look for a color that will go with the brown window exactly. This will give you an organized, cohesive look and this is important as this whole area is in the front of your house. The next option is to use brown but a slightly different shade of brown. This will result in a harmonious look.

For dark brown window frames, a front door that has a tan color is a good choice. For light brown window frames, your front door could be a rich chocolate brown. There is a hint of contrast in this color scheme. At the same time, the same color is also maintained.

You could also just stain your brown front door instead of painting it completely. This adds a lot of style and quality to the whole of the front portion of the house.

These stained wooden doors are highly suitable for houses that are antique or conventional ideally. This does not mean that they will not fit into modern houses. They are really versatile and if they are used in currently styled residences also, they add a very natural look to offset the fashionable and shiny modern materials usually found in stylish constructions.

There are some tips to stain doors that will help with choosing the exact color. The first thing is to select a color that will go perfectly well with the color of the windows. This does not necessarily mean that you have to use the same color again.

Choose a color that matches the window frames but go for another related shade. For instance, your brown windows could have a tinge of red. Look for that tinge and use it for the door.


Though beige has its individuality as a completely independent color, it is related to brown. It is, in many ways, considered a lighter shade of brown. Combining beige with brown will ensure that your property is neutral in terms of the colors used.

Since beige is a cordial and relaxing color, using it at home can make it pretty enticing and amiable to guests who visit for the first time. A front door that is beige in color is a good idea as it will give a harmonious effect to the house paired with brown windows. If you are very particular about a striking contrast between your windows and door, then go for lighter shades of beige such as ivory beige or camel beige. These are delicate colors that provide a beautiful contrast.


Though black is a solid color, it can also double up to work as a neutral color. Hence, it pairs up very well with brown. It is a very direct color that is so beautiful that if it is used, your house requires no additional ornamentation. It is a color with serious connotations and so a black front door may tend to look very conventional and majestic. The presence of the dark brown windows will only enhance this effect.

For a more subtle effect, match pale brown windows with a black door. This looks rather graceful and classy. Apart from the stunning visual effects, a black door also serves practical purposes. Dust that settles on such a dark color is hardly visible. So, it requires less effort to be kept looking clean compared to the other lighter shades.


Pairing two colors that are neutral is an excellent idea for a look that is both posh and swanky. To obtain this effect, all you have to do is use white for the door to go with brown windows. Brown windows may at times seem to bring a gloomy appearance to the house. A white door is the best way to avoid this and make the house look luminous.

The additional advantage of a white door is that you can use it with houses styled in any fashion. So, they will bring benefits to both fashionable and conventional houses.

The only disadvantage with a white door is that dirt on it is more visible compared to doors of other colors. Hence, maintaining it will require more work. It must be noted though, that if a white door is maintained well, it brings a shiny and pure look to the whole house.


If you are not a neutral color person but want to make a lasting impression with your front door, choose red. Red is truly very impressive when used with brown.

These two colors are similar in many ways. They are both friendly colors. Using red with brown windows results in a delightful and friendly look. It could even be used to reflect the kind of people the owners are.

Red with a hint of orange used for a front door will give a jolly and optimistic look. Shades that are not so light as red with a tinge of blue will give a strong and striking look.


A color that reminds us of nature instantly is green. Because of this quality it has, it is capable of complementing brown windows very well in spite of not being a neutral color.

Nature flaunts the combination of brown and green in all her creations such as different kinds of plants and trees. The same is true for our house too. There is no doubt about the fact that a green front door will enhance the looks of your lawn and the flora around the house.

Different shades of green can give different effects too. A dark mountain green will give a stately look while a soft sage green will result in a pretty, rustic look. More lively shades such as lime green give an amusing look whereas olive green will give a more fashionable and opulent look.

The big advantage of green is that you can choose any shade of the color confidently as all of them will suit your brown windows. You can go in for the shade that reflects your individual style.


Blue is a color that always reminds us of a cool feeling and hence, is a perfect companion for brown. A front door that is painted dark blue will definitely give a majestic and decorous look. Shades of blue that are not so dark give an informal aura.

This color combination is particularly famous in houses situated in coastal areas because it has a very beachy effect. Do you want to give your home a marine feel? Then, go for brown windows with a blue front door and white siding. Replace the white siding with a natural wooden siding for a perfectly rural effect.


If you make sure that the gray that you choose and the brown of your windows have shades that match well, then the combination works very well. They can have an excellent effect on the outside of the house.

The cool look that gray brings in compensates for the cordiality of the brown. It is true that at times, brown windows may look completely out of fashion. This can be changed completely by having a front door color for gray house.

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