What Color Doorknob Goes with a White Door ? (7 Stunning Ideas)

What color doorknob goes with a white door ?

What is a door without a doorknob? A doorknob is a useful and important item in a door that actually makes it work. Apart from the practical application it has, it also is an item that adds to the beauty of the door and the house itself.

On the whole, these doorknobs are necessary items for doors that are inside and outside the house. They are treasured for their functions. Doorknobs come in different types. The glossy bright types add great value to a fashionable house.

In fact, elaborately decorated doorknobs add a lot more class to the interior decoration. Differently styled doorknobs give different effects. Doorknobs that are old-fashioned with a mildly rugged look are perfect for conventional houses whereas doorknobs fashioned in a more current style in milder shades go well with fashionable houses.

There are many options for a doorknob for a pure white door and hence, choosing one for a white door appears to be very easy. However, there are a lot of things to consider when you choose such a doorknob.

We must think of the paint, the finish and also the material out of which the door is made. If you choose a doorknob with all this in mind, the final effect will be beautiful. For instance, if you want a simple look, choose antique brass. If you like a more fashionable look, choose nickel.

Hence, color plays a very important role in choosing your doorknob. This article gives you information and some important pointers on how to make sure that your doorknob matches your interior perfectly well.

Best Door Knob Colors that go with a White Door

The Gold

What color doorknob goes with a white door

Gold is a royal color that oozes style and hence, it is one of the most preferred options. A combination of a white door with a gold doorknob results in a conventional setting in houses that are decorated in a rustic style.

The beauty that this combination brings suits this kind of house very well and hence, is one of the most preferred options for houses like this. However, all this does not mean that these doorknobs can be used only in such houses. They can also be used in fashionable houses very comfortably.

The Silver

What color doorknob goes with a white door

There are colors other than gold that go with white doors. The next popular color after the gold that is used extensively with white doors is silver. This is a good substitute for gold in conventionally styled houses.

The biggest advantage of these two regal metals is that they are extremely functional and are very long-lasting also. They also can be fixed on doors both inside and outside the house. If you decide on one of these metals, make sure to choose a brushed or polished coating. This will ensure that they last much longer.

 Stainless steel or chrome

 Stainless steel or chrome

Though stainless steel and silver look-alike, stainless steel is a much better guard against bacteria and dust. The biggest reason for this advantage is that stainless steel is porous and so bacteria cannot flourish on this.

Additionally, stainless steel goes extremely well with wood and stone. Hence, many people choose stainless steel door handles over the other types available whether the house is a conventional one or a fashionable one. The adaptability of this metal makes a number of patterns possible and hence, this has been a go-to option for door knobs on white doors.

If you are looking for door knobs for doors inside your house, then you should opt for stainless steel door knobs that are polished well. This will make it convenient for you to match it with the other decorations at home.

However, if you are looking for doorknobs for a white door outside your house, you must select satin chrome. This will ensure a better-textured finish as the background is neutral. The best part of stainless steel that will make you happy is that it requires very little effort to maintain.

The Bronze

The Bronze

White doors look great with doorknobs that are pleasant in color. A color that suits this definition best is bronze. So, a bronze doorknob and a white door will make a winning combination. Since bronze has hints of brown in it, it goes extremely well with light and dark surroundings. Bronze door knobs look really lavish and merge entirely with conventional surroundings.

For a white door, a doorknob that is dark in color will be the best fit. Bronze is a color that fits this description perfectly well. A bronze doorknob that is made in an antique fashion will be the best choice.

If you would like to have something that brings texture to your house, you could opt for bronze doorknobs that are oil-stained. This looks lustrous and shiny and the best part is that this kind of doorknob also becomes more and more attractive as it gets older.

The Brass

The Brass

Fixing brass door knobs on white doors is something that has been followed for years and is a very conventional style. This combination looks absolutely beautiful and is a cherished choice. The additional advantage that these doorknobs have is the gold finish that they come with. The radiance that this brings in is something that everyone will want.

This style is a perfect fit for fashionable houses. For houses that are conventionally decorated, the antique brass doorknobs will be perfect.

The Black

The Black

Black and white have always made a wonderful combination and can be used in many places. This combination works really well with doors and knobs too. A white door with a completely contrasting black knob will look pretty appealing. Black is a smart and fashionable color that imparts an artistic appeal to a white door that is either inside or outside the house.

If your door is timber white, then, black is the color to choose for your doorknob. This strong color is sure to bring in a refined and delicate look to the whole place. Making your white door outstanding is easy. Just choose a black doorknob to go with it for that suggestion of grace and beauty.

Other Colors

These are not the only options available. If you are a person who loves variety and wants to have an assortment of colors in your interiors, then, there is a great option for you. There are multi-colored doorknobs that will suit the taste of such people. These doorknobs are available in iron and wooden finishes for you to select. These door knobs are sure to make your white door look breathtaking.

Good to Know

Another important feature to consider when you decide on your doorknob is the room in which it is going to be fixed. You could be a person who loves light-colored doorknobs. But, before you go in for it, consider the color of the door.

If the door is white, then a light colored doorknob on it will fade into insignificance. However, if you do not like dark colors, you could still go in for a polished bronze of brass that will look radiant and will also be a good contrast to the color of your door.

Remember that it is important for people to notice both the door and the knob. If one fades into insignificance, then the purpose is not served. These two colors should complement each other instead of matching perfectly well.

Colors that contrast is the perfect solution for this. There are many such colors that you can try out. For instance, you could combine a white shiny door with a silver or a gold knob. If your door has a satin finish, then it will look brilliant with a colorful enamel knob.

Should all my Doorknob Colors Match?

Should all my Doorknob Colors Match?

When you are renovating your house, it is quite a common practice to replace the doors. At this juncture, a common doubt that occurs with many people is about the doorknobs all over the house. Should they all be the same color or not?

This is a question that many people find very difficult to answer and decide upon. However, since houses are not all built in the same fashion, there is really no one answer to this intriguing question.

Hence, the decision also changes according to the way the house is designed. The best way to decide on this will be to think of some considerations before finalizing your doorknobs. This will help greatly in making the right color choice for your doorknob and will also ensure that it looks great on a white door.

Every room in a house has its own special uses and so is designed according to the purpose it serves. It, therefore, follows that each room will have its unique color scheme too. This also makes it clear that each room could have doorknobs that are of different colors. The only thing to remember here is to ascertain that all the doors of the house are uniform.

If the first floor of your house has been fitted with white doors, it is perfectly alright to use doorknobs that are very differently colored compared to the ones downstairs. If you want your bathroom door to look different, it is perfectly fine to go with a different color only for this door. Though using differently colored doorknobs is quite alright, they should still be compatible with the other colors used in the room and should never be jarring.

Split Finish

When you design your house, whether it is the inside or the outside, the whole design is based on your own individual taste and approach. Who would ever want a beautiful white door to become an ugly sight just because of the wrong colored doorknob? If you want to be sure this does not happen, you could always choose a split finish.

This is called a split finish because it involves two colors, allowing you to match doorknobs with differently designed rooms. Basically, this involves similarly designed doorknobs that are fitted inside and outside the same door.

The one on the inside could be completely different from the one on the outside of the same door. The same white door could have a black brass knob for the inside and a gold or silver brass knob for the outside.

This will ensure that both the knobs suit the color schemes of the rooms they decorate. The only consideration here is that the color and the material that you choose should blend perfectly with the way the room is fashioned.

Blend different styles

Does your house have a theme-based design? Then, you could use doorknobs that are styled according to the theme of your house. If your house has a nautical theme, then what could be more appropriate than an anchor-shaped stainless steel knob to suit a white door? If your house is a fashionable one, then your white door will look great with chrome knobs in black.

Antique bronze or brass knobs will be the perfect choice for a house with a farmhouse theme. So, even if you decide on completely varied styles of doorknobs for the inside and outside of your white door, the hardware will still perfectly match the theme of the room.

All this points to the fact that it is not compulsory for all the doorknobs in the house to match. There are various options that you can think of such as split finish, various colors, and different styles which will match the design of the surroundings.

Remember that in spite of all these variations that can be done, the size of the doorknobs should be the same for the same door. Otherwise, having doorknobs of different sizes might just not match the general way your house is styled.

What color doorknob goes with a white door ?

On the whole, white doors are wonderful backgrounds that complement doorknobs of different colors and materials. Your preference may be gold, bronze, or black for doorknobs for white doors. However, it is imperative to pay attention to the perfect material for your doorknobs.

For instance, based on how your outside and inside doors are designed, you could think of a chrome design in a neutral color for doors that are outside. For white doors inside the house, you could go for satin brass or gold which is long-lasting. We trust that these pointers will help you choose the correct doorknobs for your white doors.

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