What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets – Complete Guide

What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets ?

Cherry cabinets are very common in kitchens because they give out a bright color and warm energy, which also creates a welcoming and homely feeling. We always go after solid cherry cabinets because they are rot-resistant, decay poof. They are also long-lasting and strong.

We can paint kitchen cabinets with cherry wood color, which is a common option that gives us the warmth of the cherry wood minus the high price label.

Cherry cabinets are found in orange and red color, which is very pleasing, but it won’t be easy to navigate through various kitchen features. Here in this article, we will discuss the important flooring options that would go with cherry cabinets.

Tiled or Vinyl Flooring

If you have a wooden cherry kitchen cabinet, then it will be very difficult to select a wooden flooring color that cherishes it. A cherry wooden floor can be very profuse or matchy, but a different shade of wood will conflict. Because of this, the vinyl flooring or tile flooring gives a good opinion in choosing the floor surface in color different from wood colors.


What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

White is a type of neutral color that gives us a vibrant feeling in the room. Generally, we are drawn to more heavily saturated colors, and in this case, the color of the cherry wood is the rich color. This makes sure that the kitchen cabinets remain the center of attraction, lifting its attention from the floors.

White flooring can be achieved by the application of white vinyl or white tiles, and also it provides us with a fresh and clean surface that is very common in kitchens. The look of the room can be visually extended by the white flooring, and the space will also feel bigger than usual.

White floors can reflect light which in turn makes the kitchen more airy and open. This is a great advantage because the cherry cabinets sometimes make the atmosphere of the kitchen gloomy and heavy.

The main disadvantage of white floors is that they are difficult to clean and show dirt and stain as compared to dark floor colors.


What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

Another natural neutral color is beige. And it will be a good fit for the floor surface color that will match the cherry cabinets. Beige has a very simple and soft color, and a soothing sensation comes from it.

This color can be mostly found in the outer natural environment, and a natural feel comes from it. The natural environments include tree trunks, straw bales, beaches, and fields of wheat crops. This natural vibe helps the cherry cabinets to share their energy with the beige, and both work well together, which in turn creates an Earth-like atmosphere in the room.

Beige color can be found in many different colors, from dark camel color to pale ivory color. The more light color you choose for the beige, the more deep the color of the cherry cabinets will be. Beige with dark color will give a lower contrast between the two colors and will create a harmonious surrounding.

The options mentioned above will be a perfect fit depending on the look we are trying to accomplice. The texture of the beige flooring will ultimately affect the final style of the room. White marble beige stone will give a rustic style, and the glossy beige marble tiles will provide a modern style.


What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

If you have a hate for cherry cabinets, then there are options open for removing the cherry paint and painting cool colors instead. Grey is a type of neutral color, but there are many variants of gray color that will help to reduce the impact of cherry cabinets and even out their energy.

Always choose gray flooring with green and cool blue shades that even out the richness in the cherry cabinets.

A dark-gray flooring will always fit the large kitchens and would provide us with visual space. Whereas mid to light gray floor will be a perfect fit for a small kitchen and so prevents to becoming too dingy and dark.

A warm shade of gray to the flooring will also compliment the wooden cherry cabinets. This is a gray color which is a mixture of orange or yellow shades, or a gray color that is bred with beige.

If you want to add a modern twist to a traditional cherry wood kitchen, then vinyl or tile flooring is the best choice. It also keeps the room welcoming and warm.


What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

Despite being bold and deep, the black color is considered a neutral color. It is the best fit for the ground flooring because it helps to create a space and hide dirt. It also matches with any color we put to it. Black color is neither cool nor warm, and therefore it provides a good ground for cherry cabinets.

Black color can easily blend into the background, making it a canvas for more vibrant colors in the kitchen. If you have a small space and black flooring, then a marble tile with a glossy finish is fit so that the floor reflects the light rather than absorb it.

Laminated or Hardwood Flooring

It isn’t easy to choose a wooden cabinet that compliments the cherry cabinets, and if you match exactly the same way, then the amount of cherry color can be profuse. But if you choose a different but similar color, then it would look like to tried to match the cherry wood color and will fail.

We should not use a wooden floor surface that is widely different from the color of cherry cabinets because it will look completely mismatched. Because of its long-lasting durability, the wooden floor is an ideal choice for the kitchen. It is also easy to clean, and we will do get any injury if we fall on it.

They can also be re-painted to another color if you want to change it in the future. It is common sense that we will always choose a floor surface that is not made of wood because we have cherry cabinets.

But if you are determined to purchase wooden floors that would match the cherry cabinets, then there are certain options available without sacrificing style.


What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

Many laminating options are available for floors, but the whitewash is most preferred because it gives an informal look to the room. In the modern world, the whitewash effect is viral and challenging to make. You yourself can well do it just by adding some white paint and water.

This creates a simple flooring surface that has a visible wood grain and is also adds character to the room and contrasts with the color of cherry cabinets. Simple and light flooring like this will create a visually large space and make the room more airy feel. For an informal, coastal vibe, whitewashed boarding is a perfect match.


What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

We can paint the hardwood with grey paint or buy gray painted flooring from the market.

 Gray-colored flooring can be found in different colors, but the best color is a weathered, natural look. Grey wooden floors help to maintain the harmony of the warmth of the cherry cabinets. Whereas the prevent the floor from getting clinical and cold visible wood grain is used.

White and Light Woods

What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

The best wooden floor that will complement the cherry cabinets is the one that provides good contrast and has the same colors. For instance, the cheery wood with golden orange tones will match nicely with a whiteboard having the same golden tones such as white oak or ash.

These are simple light-colored wood with gold or yellow grains running through them and ensure that they complement the color of the cherry wood without clashing with it. Holly and hickory is a type of wood that works well with cherry woods.

Maple wood is also an excellent choice.  Commonly white maple wood is used with a hint of green color. Many maple kinds of wood have green undertones and would clash with the red color of cherry cabinets.

Dark Woods

What Color Floor Goes with Cherry Cabinets

A plank of dark wood is a type of wood that is neither light nor dark, which indicates that the dark wood can settle in nicely. As we choose white wood to match the cherry color. Similarly, if you choose dark wood, then you have to make sure that it has many shades of colors. But it also has to match the color of the cherry cabinets.

Ebony, wedge, and Blackwood are the types of dark woods that go well with cherry cabinets. Dark wood s with golden tones is a popular fit rather than choosing red colors because red can be too harsh.

If a kitchen contains many cherry cabinets, then the use of more red color will make the room profuse and will make it an unpleasant place. We have to avoid mahoganies or any other type of flooring with red paint.

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