What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors – 12 Beautiful Ideas

What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors – To add a modern or traditional style to a room you can introduce a classy hardwood floor of dark shade. There are many options to match with a hardwood flooring of shades. You can choose from a variety of options. You can add furniture of darker shades that will appear heavy and compact.

You have to be sure about the wall paint and the ceiling because you cannot have too many darker shades in a room. Dark shades can appear claustrophobic and might brighten up the vibe of the room. Thus, the best option is to mix lighter shades with darker shades to lift the atmosphere of the living space.

You can achieve impressive contrasting styles with dark wooden floors. You can experiment with numerous designer patterns for furniture color in a room with dark floor work. You can choose dark wood flooring without minding any heavy foot traffic in that particular area. Dark wood flooring is a first choice for many home interiors over light wood, for its low maintenance.

Therefore it is essential to learn about the correct way to match your dark floor with the proper furniture. Here are some of the choices and ideas you can opt for;

Best Furniture Colors that Go with Dark Hardwood Floors


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors

 You can easily opt for the versatile and neutral white to match with dark wood flooring. A pair of white sofas along with a few stylish pillows can bring up the aura of the room. The variant pillow designs along with white color will automatically brighten up the room space greatly. White furniture will contrast with the dark floor and introduce a more serene airy feel into the room.

Light to Medium Wood

What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

You can introduce more shades of wood into the room with dark wood flooring. A combination of layers of wood shades can create a great tonal look. The example shows a sofa set made of white seats and a medium wood shade of sofa legs. You can also introduce a couple of wooden chairs into the room to lift the spirit of the room.

Dark Wood

What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

Choosing darker furniture on a darker floor can also be a bit risky. Darker flooring can create a grounding effect on the room space. Darker furniture will make the room more dim and shady. You can opt for darker furniture to coordinate with the dark flooring to recreate rustic home decor. For example, you can easily buy a sofa with a dark framework or a coffee table made of dark wood. A larger room is the best option to play with darker shades that enhance the rustic style.

Dark Blue

What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

 A sofa set with blue seating and a dark wood framework can create good coordination with the dark flooring. You can keep the dark sofa framework intact. Dark blue and dark wood shades can make the room appear shady and less lit. Therefore you can add some neutral paints on the wall to lighten up the mood.


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

Grey is a modern color and it is in great demand among the interior decor industry. Grey sofas are easily available in the market. You pair a grey shade with white walls as a compliment with a darker shade of wood flooring. You can produce a stylish and sophisticated look to the room by introducing grey furniture against a dark wood floor.


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

Brown is known for its earthiness. It is a good pair with dark wood shades. You can apply a brown shade for a rug, coffee table, or sofa to introduce a positive and classic aura to the room space.

Wooden floors are naturally brown which can surely mix with the same brown furniture to create a cohesive vibe to the space. The example points out the retro style with the matching brown sofa and the same brown flooring. The other elements in the room have been given vibrant colors to lighten up the space.


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

You can add a black seating area in a hardwood dining space. This combination creates a formal style. You can improvise the black shades against the flooring by altering the shades from medium to dark.

To create a stylish chic dining room you can easily add hints of black and a blend of dark and light brown which goes perfectly with the wood floor. You can paint the wall and the ceiling off-white to introduce a contrasting look with brown and black elements.


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

Green is a good color to match with brownish wood fork flooring. Green and brown might not come to mind. Both these colors are abundant in nature. Pairing an earthly brown floor work with a pistachio couch adds great prestige to the space.

You can combine a dark brown floor with mint green furnishing. You can more natural colors like white hangings and white paints on the wall to lift the brightness of the space.

A Mix of Neutrals

What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

Dark wood can be easily combined with several natural shades of furniture such as grey, beige and white. Such neutral shades will easily create a good combination with wood flooring. Neutral colors can be accessorized with rugs and other furnishing elements to make the room look attractive.

The example shows a living room with sofas made of two colors that work wonders with wood flooring. The neutral colors can go well with dark wood. The table of the darker brown shade adds a polished look with the rest of the neutral furniture. You can complete the look with a window painted in lighter shades.


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

 You can also opt for a bold and daring orange shade to layer the furniture with rich color flavor. The visitors will not be able to keep their eyes off the furniture. Orange is a bright color you can consider adding to your living space to invite a similar vibe. You can add a couple of couches of lighter shades of orange into the space will strategically enhance the center beauty of the room. Orange and brown flooring is a sure choice for any home decor.


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

Purple shades are gorgeous and stylish. The color is available in several shades such as violet or indigo. Hardwood floors are a good backdrop for a bright purple hue. You can introduce a bright purple sofa set to complete an aesthetic design to enhance the furniture.

The picture highlights a purple sofa with grey flooring and black tables that produces a beautiful appearance to the room. The purple sofa can be elegant and sophisticated with a dark wooden floor. The focal point of the room is the purple sofa.


What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors - 12 Beautiful Ideas

Yellow is a sunny color that appears fun and bold to pair with a dark wood floor. Furniture in cool yellows is a great choice with dark wood floors. A darker grey or brownish hardwood flooring can be perfectly enhanced with a brighter yellow couch.

You can improvise a modern interior style by adding white pillows and covers to complement yellow sofas. All the shades in the example are bright and clear but the rich yellow shades are prominent and eye-catching.

How do I Brighten Up My Room with Dark Hardwood Floors?

Select your furniture color carefully: you can choose a neutral shade of white or grey to match it with dark furniture of Balck, red, or brown shades.

Add colorful accents: dark flooring can also be paired with vibrant colors in throw pillows, blankets, or decors. The bright shades introduce a dimension to the dark floor. The door trimmings can also be painted in the same wood color.

Paint the walls a light color: the walls can be painted in colors contrasting the wooden flooring. The dark and light hue of the flooring and the wall will create a nice balance in the space. Lighter shades on the wall will make the room appear bigger than usual. The lights will bounce back and enlarge the space. You can apply off-white or cream colors on the walls to contrast with the dark wood on the flooring.


The living area can be made more elegant, delicate, and sophisticated by introducing excellent dark wood flooring. The low-maintenance shade is beneficial for a busy room area. The dark appearance of the room can enhance the modern interior style if you can rightly match the color of the furniture with the floor.

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