What Color Furniture Goes with Light Hardwood Floors – 3 Best Styles

Any lighter Color can add more space and volume to a small living area. Light durable hardwoods have several advantages for a room. Any smaller area can appear large due to the light Color solid hardwood flooring.

The light colors also make the room brighter and lighter. Unlike the dark hardwood floor, the light hardwood floor shows little wear and tears in comparison. You can create a simple coastal decor by choosing pale stiff hardwood which has a very high demand in the market. Light hardwood floors look chic, modern, and simple.

Dark floor work has been dominating the interior decor for decades therefore light floorings are new and contemporary. You may find not enough references or common ideas to create a fine matching style with light floors. The following ideas can give you some ideas about what furniture to introduce in light hardwood flooring.

Neutral Styles

You must be familiar with recent Instagram favorite all-white interior decor. You recreate the same Instagram-worthy look by adding any pale Colored hardwood flooring such as beige, cream, or white.

What Color Furniture Goes with Light Hardwood Floors

The style involves no defining or adding accents with color. You can use white oak or whitewashed hardwood floors to achieve the new style. Eventually, the popular demand uses rugs made of faux fur in white or light colors to create a layered look. The walls are also painted white.

You can incorporate more layers of Colors by adding a light or off-white beige sofa along with some throw cushions of white and textured in the room space. You might add some accessories into the space such as photo frames, small tables, curtains, and candles which can be of pale Colors such as beige or white.

Your space will always be airy and free without any particular highlighted figures or elements. If your room is small in scope this looks is just made for you. The white rooms reflect all the natural lights that light up the energy of the living space.

You can opt for furniture of a lighter color to match the rest of the setting. It is advised to opt for a Color near the pale floors. To complete the pale look you can choose a set of light hardwood furniture which will add a rustic style. You can also add furniture painted in white paint.

Other alternatives to add in the all-white look are glass tables or metal shelves all in white Colors. Next, you can choose sofa sets in various pale colors such as off-white or a light biscuit.

You may want to have detailed furniture features to accomplish this final look perfectly. For example, a sofa set with black feet can easily stand out as being too bold on a pale look and can be avoided.

A less strict neutral look with tonal layers can be a better choice if you are opting for a low-maintenance style. It is easy to achieve this style by carefully selecting the Colors of the furniture. The lighter colors of the furniture have to be a little bit darker than the pale hardwood floor and the Colors should be the same.

There is an example that shows a floor that has a pale orangish undertone to it. This pale version of the bright color has been paired with a sofa of a lighter Color of a tan-orange.

You can have pale hardwood floors with a greyish hue which can be paired well with a grey-toned sofa with a Color or two darker than the floor itself. The undertones of the furniture and the floors should remain the same but the colors can be darker or lighter depending on the style you want to create.

However, the floor and the furniture should be on the same line. You can find the same hardwood for the furniture as the floors but you can also opt for a different color. It can be a difficult yet tempting task to match the pale hardwood of the floor with the furnishing but it would make the room appear too flat.

Coastal Styles

Coastal styles with white rugs, cream sofas, and white walls

You choose any coastal design for your room space. The coastal Colors add more air and space to the room space. Hence it is one of the best spaces for floors. Any light flooring made of hardwood will be good for this style such as a light oak floor, grey-toned floors, or a white-washed floor.

There are several choices to match light hardwood floors. You can look for a medium to a light Color of hardwood for the furniture to match with the light hardwood floors. Light Color hardwood such as beech or oak hardwood can be used to create the rustic style. Another idea to recreate a coastal design can be to add hardwood works furniture which is painted in cream and white Colors. You can also add a hint of grey or blue to the room space by adding furniture made of grey or blue painted hardwood and this will also retain the coastal vibe.

Coastal Style with Hardwood Island and White Countertop

Several colors which can complement the light hard hardwood floor are available in the market therefore you can choose a pale white or cream sofa made of any casual fabric to achieve a spacious look. Adding textures into the room space can also tune the same beach vibe. Various blue Colors, like navy, sky, or azure can also work well on furniture sets besides light hardwood floors to create a soft aura. The blue Colors denote the wide sky and the natural floors represent a coastal landscape that can offer a beautiful interior design.

Coastal Style Living Room

With light hardwood floors and azure Colors, you can easily create a sensational nautical-themed interior. The furniture chosen is usually in dark hardwood Colors for nautical themes such as a Mahogany cabinet or a table. The pale hardwood flooring creates contrast with the mahogany that generates a polished and sophisticated detail in the space similar to a captain’s cabin quarters.

Bold Styles

The picture has a coffee table, sofa in black color, and light hardwood to create a bold statement style. You can also choose from a variety of bold and bright colors for your furniture to match with light hardwood flooring.

It is a great option for someone preferring huge color contrasts. You have to be sure about the undertones of the bright colors to match that of the flooring before buying the furniture. Therefore, it is better to study the undertones first and then buy vibrant colored furniture.

Another brilliant example of a bold style can be this dark coffee table and a rug underneath alongside a dark cabinet. You can create a uniform style with similar undertones. For example, if you choose brown hardwood furniture for the room then solid hardwood flooring with golden undertones will be a great match for the space.

Hence, it is essential to choose a similar undertone for floors and furniture because different undertones will induce conflict in the room. You can also choose cooler Colors for the room such as cool grey hardwood flooring and hardwood furniture with grey undertones.

Otherwise, if you use the cool flooring with any hardwood furniture with a rich red tone the outcome would have been incongruous. There are other options to create the exact style such as incorporating a black and white coffee table, grey rug, and black futon on hardwood flooring.

Light hardwood flooring as a base with light red wall paint alongside black furniture; black chairs in the dining space and a brown couch based on a lighter Color of hardwood floor.

Tips for Color Matching with Light Hard Hardwood Floors

Firstly while buying furniture you should be careful about the undertones of the flooring. You can match almost any color for furniture with the light rigid hardwood Colors if their undertones match. You cannot match furniture and the hard hardwood flooring when their undertones are different, as it will create an awkward and jarring effect.

To create, a cohesive effect, you can choose hardwood Colors which is not more than one or two Color darker than the light firm hardwood on the floor. On the other hand, if you opt for a bright and bold style then it is apt for you for darker Colors like black or navy to achieve the look you desire.

It is likely for the common crowd to look for matching Colors of furniture and flooring which is considered a very common mistake in the world of interior decorating. Firstly it is very difficult to find furniture of similar hardwood Color and undertone. Again, the Color and the undertones might even match but a slight difference in hardwood grains can contradict the whole look. The hardwood grains define a character unique to that particular source of hardwood.

When the hard hardwood flooring does not match with the furniture hardwood work it causes an unfit mismatch of hue. The mismatched hues create an uncomfortable environment. Therefore it is a healthier choice to opt for a different Color of hardwood for the furniture from the flooring.

You are advised not to go for the same hardwood work for the floor and furniture. A similar floor and furniture can create a plain and flat vibe in the room. Hence, it is advised to apply other Colors or colors to recreate a tonal style with layers of Colors. A layered tone adds more dimension and depth to any room.

If you introduce dark hard hardwood furniture on a light hardwood floor the room might appear smaller than its actual size. The best choice to avoid this limitation is to introduce lighter Colors of walls, furniture, or flooring.

Darker furniture can induce an effect to make the walls seem closer than their actual position to make the space seem more compact. Whereas if you choose furniture with lighter Colors can induce a different effect. Lighter Colors will invite more light and spacious feel into the room and it will expand the wall as well.

You can enhance the centrality of the room by adding dark hardwood furniture in the space such as a low coffee table in black for your living area or a low hardwood bed with a dark hardwood frame in your bedroom. In this way, you can also limit the use of darker furniture according to your choice. You can maintain the height of the darker furniture low to create a grounding effect in the room by enclosing it.

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