What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors – A Comprehensive Guide

What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

Wooden floors are commonly paired with rugs to add warmth and softness to the feet. Rugs, protect the wood flooring from getting damaged. You can enhance the interior style with various colored rug designs.

You can also opt for a rug, to maintain a particular color scheme for your living space. The grains on the wood flooring can be of various shades. It can be tough to select a rug color for a wood floor.

There are specific rug colors that you can pair with both kinds of woodwork. The following guidelines will give you ideas about pairing light as well as dark wood floors.

The Dark Wood Flooring

What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors

Dark wood flooring contributes to a comfortable and intimate feel of your living space. Apart from adding a dark mood any darker shades can make a room appear smaller than its usual size.

Therefore, to lift the mood, you can easily pair the dark wood with light color rugs. Light-shaded rugs will contrast with the heavy tone of the dark flooring by increasing the brightness of the room.

Any open-plan living space needs to use rugs for separating different sections of the room. You can use a rug to define any particular space in a room such as a sitting area, dining space or kitchen, etc.

Adding a lighter shade of rug can easily clarify the interior layout. Rugs are mandatory underneath coffee tables and sofa sets. The contrast between the light-colored rugs and the dark woodwork on the floor is a pleasing visual.

You can use rugs to increase the cozy intimate feel of the living area as well. Any Dark flooring can be paired with dark shades of the rug. There are many dark shades of rug that create a whole new grounding feel to a room.

Dark flooring and rugs can make any space look solid and compact. The combination of two dark shades can fit a larger living area. If you love rugs in darker shades this is the choice for you.

You can consider the following colors for your dark wood flooring.


white: What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

You can choose a stylish white rug on dark wood to create a modern look. You need to keep your eye on pets or the daily room traffic before choosing a white rug. White rugs are difficult to conserve.

You can enhance a room decor styled in monochrome with a luxurious white rug. The combination of a white rug with dark wood can elevate the sophistication and elegance of your space.

Not only the white color but it is also required to consider the texture of the white rug. There are some available white rugs such as faux fur, sheepskin, or wool rugs. White Wooly rugs can offer a minimalist stylish finishing. A warm furry white rug can add to the relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

You can choose a two-in-one toned rug such as a pair of black or grey with white to match the dark flooring. Another interesting benefit of a double-colored rug is that it can be used for lighter floor works as well.


beige : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

You can opt for a pale beige rug to match the dark wood. A pale beige is an easy option to match your dark wood flooring. There are several tones of dark wood which makes it tough to choose a color for your rug. Dark wood is available in brown tones, red tones, or black tones. You have to carefully choose a color for your rug to avoid color conflict with the wood flooring.

Beige is a natural color that is commonly paired with any dark wood. Beige rugs can easily blend in with any color and are available in jute or faux fur. You can add a high-end luxurious feel with a faux fur beige rug and a modern casual mood with a jute textured rug.

Pale Pink

pale pink What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

You should first find out the undertone of your wood flooring. A pale pink is a great option for darker shades of wood that have black, grey, or brown undertones in them. However, you cannot choose a pale pink rug to match woodwork with red tones such as cherry wood or mahogany.

Darker shades of wood can appear harsh and cold for spaces like bedrooms, where it might cancel out the warm comfortable atmosphere. You balance the warmth by introducing a pink rug of dusky shades.

It is a feminine shade to retain the cozy and relaxing mood of your space. You can also add other pink elements such as pink cushions or pink lamps along with a pink rug to tie down the room features.

Light Green or Blue

light green : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

You can introduce a pale green rug with your dark flooring to add more natural greens inside your living area. Light shades of green and dark shades of wood both are compatible with each other because both are found in nature abundantly.

Pale bluish color or azure represents the color of the sky which creates a great combination with wood floorwork. Greens are available in several shades to suit your moods such as pale lime green or olive green. Lime green rug can elevate the energy of the space whereas an olive green rug can subdue the overall color scheme.

The Light Wood Flooring

Lighter shades of wood can contribute an open-air and bright light to your room space. You can choose light wood flooring to highlight the outline of the rooms. You can make the room appear larger with light wood flooring.

Light wooden flooring can create a blank canvas for other colors to be added to the room. The room becomes stark and bare with light wood. To lift the mood you can add a rug into the room. A rug can create a warm and homey atmosphere in the living area.

Unlike dark woods, light wood flooring can be paired with numerous colors or shades. You are open to many options for a rug such as bright colors, dark colors, neutral shades, or any rich shades.

You can pair your light flooring with any dark-rich rug to induce a contrast. The attention of the visitors’ eyes will be drawn to a dark rug area. It is a good tactic to prominent different sections of the room. The room will also look more grounded.

It will add great color coordination to the interior decor if you match the rug and the room accents. For example, you can select the same plum color for both the rug and throw cushions as well.

A lighter shade floor work and the light-colored rug will create a better effect on the room atmosphere. The room will appear larger than usual for increasing the lighter shades in the room.

You can introduce several textures of the rugs to enhance the warmth and comfort of the room, which can be hard to achieve with wood floorings. You can choose a light color rug that will slightly contrast the light wood flooring.

For example, the combination of a light oak flooring with a faux fur rug of white color can be a good choice. You can also pair pale grey shades or any light pastel shade for the rug with white wood flooring to create the same style. The slight contrast is essential so that the floor does not blend completely with the rug.

The following colors can create a good contrast with your light wooden flooring;


blue : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

A bright blue can create a stark contrast with light wood flooring. It can induce a chill atmosphere in the entire room. Cobalt blue adds an intense, vibrant hue to the room and a greyish blue shade adds a modern chic laidback character to the room.

A deep blue shade, like navy blue, can introduce more drama into your space. The pair of navy blue and light wood flooring is apt for a nautical-themed room. A cool shade like blue can help you achieve a calm relaxed and airy ambiance. Blue rugs can be a perfect pair with light wood floors which have white, grey, or yellow-orange undertones.


purple : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

Dark purple flooring can add extra depth and richness to your space. Hence you can choose a dark purple rug to match your pale wood flooring that will spread a regal and a grandeur sensibility across the room. Dark purple represents luxury and power that can be added to extravagant living space, intimate dining, and sumptuous bedrooms.

You can purple elements like a velvet sofa or a purple bed frame or purple painted walls alongside a rug of deep purple shade. Yellow and purple are opposite colors in the color spectrum. Therefore, if you have wood flooring with a yellow undertone then a purple rug will create a clear outburst of bright complementary colors in your living space.


black : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

You can add a modern chic black rug with any pale grey, creamy undertone, or whitewashed wood flooring to create a stunning and bold decor style. The same decor style can be enhanced further with black accents as in black photo frames or curtains along with white paints on walls.

You can also choose to furnish your room with monochromatic shades. Monochromes can induce a simple yet contemporary style to the room. You can also further accentuate the impact by introducing different textures to the rooms.

Black colors hide any dust or marks easily which does not require keen attention to maintain cleanliness on daily basis. Thus, a black rug is beneficial for lighter wooden flooring.

You can choose pale woodwork for the flooring and pair it will a dark black rug. The light flooring enlarges the room size. It also makes the edge of the room prominent and highlights them. The contrasting black rug can help define the room space with depth and elegance to the room. The black rug also grounds the total look.

You can also choose a black rug with added patterns to avoid a solid black color. The patterns on a black rug are available in a variety such as a black background with detailed work of other colors. Another alternative can be a dark grey rug like charcoal to avoid the stark harshness of black color.


grey : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

Besides black, Grey is a perfect option to match with pale wood flooring. Grey has a tone lighter than black which makes it possible to choose from a variety of shades to compliment the light flooring. The light wood flooring can highlight a darker grey rug whereas fade out a pale grey rug. The mix-match of grey tones can produce an interesting color-play.

You can also go for the lighter shades of the rug to match your light wood flooring. Here are some of the light-colored rugs you can choose from;


white : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

White is a great option to pair with pale wooden flooring. However, it can get a bit difficult to maintain a white rug and do the daily cleaning. Instead of white, you can look for patterned rugs to avoid the daily cleaning hacks. There is a wide range of patterns of white-grey and white-black to induce a new dimension to the light wood floor.


beige : What Color Rug Goes with Wood Floors?

Beige is a neutral color. Hence, it can get along well with any lighter shade of wood floor work. The light wood floor blends in the light brown shade of beige. Therefore a decent beige rug is a great choice for a wooden floor. Lightwood and beige can create a comfortable and fresh aura of the room.

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