What Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture – 14 Stunning Colors to Look

What Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture ? – Colors play such a vital role in designing your interiors. The combination of the colors that are used decides the final look and ambiance of the whole place. Among all these colors, brown is such a flexible and adaptable color that it is used in important things such as the furniture used in the living room and bedroom.

The color is so versatile because the effects it causes with different colors are amazingly different. Whatever be the type of furniture, the very fact that it is brown can change things and spread a friendly ambiance all around.

However, the whole picture unfurls when we choose the color for the walls. This color is also important as it should go well with the dark brown of the furniture. If these two colors are paired properly, then you will achieve the exact mood that you are looking for in your house.

This article discusses the best colors that will work with brown to create a stylish and attractive effect.

What Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

The White

What Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

White is always a preferred color as it suits any room with differently colored furniture, even if they are colored dark brown. In fact, when it is used with dark brown, the striking contrast is very attractive. The Scandinavian style living room in the picture features white walls and brown sofas. These two colors do create an exquisite and friendly atmosphere. White is the go-to color for your walls if you are looking for a fashionable and stylish living room.

The Beige

Beige Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

In order to make your dark brown furniture stand out really well, couple them with beige-colored walls. Walls that are much lighter than the furniture will make the furniture more attractive and will definitely make them the center of attraction. Like white, beige is also a neutral color and suits dark brown perfectly well. It enhances the beauty of the furniture and the dark shades to a large extent. The earthy characteristic of both these colors invigorate the living room and the picture is proof to show this.

The Light Gray

Gray Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

Gray is also a neutral color that is available in numerous shades. It is not at all surprising that all these shades pair wonderfully well with dark brown furniture. By virtue of its beauty, this color has become the chosen color for bedrooms and living rooms.

If for some reason, you do not want white for your walls, you can safely go for light gray. It lights up the whole room in its own delicate way. The picture given here shows how pairing light gray walls and dark brown furniture can transform the room into a fashionable one.

Apart from the looks, this color combination never fails to bring in a tranquil and serene ambiance. It is worth mentioning that dark brown also plays a very important role here. Without this furniture, the whole room would have looked dull and boring. If the furniture had been of a different color, the bedroom would have acquired an uninteresting look, which is definitely far from comforting.

The Dark Brown

Dark Brown Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

What do you think about the idea of pairing dark brown sofas and dark brown walls? It is an amazing idea that brings the whole room to life in such a strong way. You will achieve the same effect with chocolate-colored walls too.

The colors add to each other’s glamour and result in a lively mood all over. The picture gives you more ideas about how to add to the effect by focussing more on the color of the sofa. It is a perfect example of how to organize the furniture in such a setting. The hint of the neutral colors adorning the wall actually brightens the whole scene.

The Light Brown

Light Brown Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

It is not always necessary to couple dark brown with furniture of the same color. Lighter shades of the same color also work very well with such furniture. This color combination is exquisite, impeccable, and is also the best bet if you love boho-inspired rooms.

If you are fond of traditional decorations, then this color combination is ideal. If you feel that having brown everywhere will become dreary and uninteresting, then you can change it by adding a few plants or any other accessories that are of a light shade. The picture given is an ideal example to show how the color of the walls and furniture is integral to the bohemian theme.

The Fuchsia

Fuchsia Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

Fuchsia is a color that is not used usually. It is a beautiful shade of pink. It is an offbeat selection for the wall color. This electrifying color is excellent to enhance the effect of any fashionable living room.

In fact, this color combination will change the look of any room. The intensity of this color combination heightens the elegant and intricate effect in the room. The room in the picture owes its dazzle and energy to the amazing pink coupled with the brown.

The Orange

Orange Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

Dark brown goes very well with another lively and joyful color namely orange. If you create a perfect balance between the two colors, the aura immediately gets transformed into a friendly and alluring one.

To achieve this effect, only one of your walls must be painted orange. The room should also have furniture that is dark brown. The best part with orange is that all shades of this color go well with the dark brown furniture.

The Dark Green

Green Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

Though the many different shades of green are delightful with dark brown, the one that is the finest choice is sage green. Any fashionable interior assumes a graceful aura when this chic color is utilized. 

There are bold shades of green also which can be used whereas the lighter shades bring in a lot of character. Antique tones add a lot of sophistication. The natural characteristic of green gives it the advantage of adding to the effect of darker shades such as brown.

A room that has walls that are dark green and furniture that is dark brown, will remind people about nature since both colors are so directly related to nature and its beauty. This beauty can be further enhanced by additions in lighter shades. For instance, an orange pillow or rugs that are ornamental could spotlight both these compatible colors to a great extent.

The Mint Green

Mint Green Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

Among all the shades of green, the calmest and peaceful shade that is mint green is famously paired with dark brown as the effect of this combination is outstanding. These two colors together ooze style and refinement.

This gorgeous shade of green coupled with the dark brown and brings in a natural effect to your living room. This once again proves that this color combination is a sure winner.

The Red

Red Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

It is a well-known fact that classy red and brown are very related shades and will go well. However, there are some precautions to be taken when using this combination. If you decide on a dark shade of red for the wall, it may darken the atmosphere in the whole room.

It may also steal the show and people may be drawn to this color and the dark brown furniture may fade into insignificance. Hence, it is always better to choose a red that is lighter for the walls while the furniture can be of a dark chocolate brown for the best combination.

One other thing to be noted is that these two colors may also create the illusion of the room is much smaller than it actually is. To solve this problem, simply select a shade of burgundy to get an integrated effect. The necessary contrast can be brought in by colors like white or gold.

The Yellow

Yellow Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

The next color to be discussed is yellow. This color sets off brown amazingly well and makes the room aesthetically delightful. Dazzling shades of yellow are famous for their beauty and the amusement and vitality that they cause.

When this magical color is combined with dark brown, these colors bring in a dash of enthusiasm to the living room. If you paint your walls yellow and complement it with furniture that is dark brown, this setup will also create an amazing color splash with any other color you would like to bring into the room.

This color scheme will also merge the fashionable and the traditional in the right proportions. In the picture given as a sample, the yellow walls, dark brown sofas, and tables are put together in a wonderful way.

The Blue

Blue Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

Picking comforting and stylish blue results in a wonderfully current and glossy look. Blue and brown go hand in hand in creating a beautiful feel. Blue is a color that represents serenity whereas brown represents a very natural look.

These two colors are ideal for your bedroom. In the picture given, attention is not abducted by the lively blue. Both the colors are equally captivating lending a look that is instantly fashionable and conventional.

The Turquoise

Turquoise Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

One of the best shades of blue is called turquoise. It is an opulent shade that combines with brown very stylishly to make an appealing combination. This is especially true with bedrooms. The major advantage of this combination is that it can be confidently used with both antique and modern decorations.

In the given picture, the curtain matches the wall with a turquoise shade. The furniture, however, is shiny black. This amazing combination ensures that the room looks as big as it really is.

The Gold

Gold Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture

A color that is known to be strong and enchanting with intriguing qualities is royal gold. No other color can do as much justice as gold can do to dark shades of brown. The given picture stands as proof of this stunning combination. 

The patterned wall painted gold, the cushioned sofa, and the classy gold lamp work together to create a charisma that cannot be equaled so easily. Needless to say, your living room will spring to life with these two colors.

To make your room as enviable as the one in the picture, complement your gold wall with a mirror bordered by gold or beautiful wall art that goes with the gold wall. Whether the style is fashionable or rural, the combination of gold and brown will work unimaginable wonders. Visit Thehubhaus.com

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