Where To Get A Rug Cut And Bound ( 3 Options to Opt )

Where To Get A Rug Cut And Bound – Most of the time, you will find a good-quality rug that offers high-class comfort. Moreover, it can be a great choice in your room. However, space constraints can be a considerable issue in this regard. You will not be able to enjoy the comfort of the lovable rug if the size is too big.

It may sometimes happen that all the premium rugs available in a shop are too much bigger in size. The shopkeepers try to sell them as per yard. Therefore, obtaining an accent rug is pretty difficult in the local stores. Most of the time, area rugs are available.

Here is fabulous news for all of you. Never worry if you do not get your favorite rug to cover up your space appropriately.

To make the rug complement your room almost exclusively, resizing it can be a great solution. You also need to cut and then bound the item to style it a flawless size. Thus, you will get the accent rug to cover the size of your floor. Now comes the most crucial question: In which places can help you cut and bound the rug?

Places to Cut and Bind Your Rug

You can find the following options to cut and bound the rug near you;-

Small Family-Owned Carpet Businesses

Undoubtedly, multiple talented selling, cutting, and binding experts of the rug will present near you. However, it is not possible to know their rug names unless you conduct a small search. Therefore, start the mini research on the internet today by typing “places to cut and bound rug around me.” Numerous selections near you will appear on the display.

You can find many small-scale businesses involved in these activities in almost all places worldwide. To get the contact details, you can do a little bit of research on the net for more convenience. Get the confirmation of the prices for different activities on the rug. Before visiting the offices of the concerned seller, you should give a call.

Thus, customizing the size of your rug, will be the most convenient way. Purchasing a rug from any of these local sellers will let you have the rug in a different shape and size. The expert artists are capable of cutting, overclocking, and even installing the rugs in your room.

But they will not charge anything extra for carrying out these actions. However, they may not show any interest if the product is not from their stores. These small business owners and reputed carpet retailers can make the rug cut and bound.

These people run warehouse-style businesses. You can also come across some large-sized departmental stores offering cutting and binding services to the rugs. The example is;-

Home Deport

Custom-bound rugs are available easily at home depot. Such a state of the rugs implies that these items are for order. They also carry out the binding jobs to the rugs as per individual specifications. Wall-to-wall carpeting is also possible with the help of some yards of rugs. Home Depot can convert the carpet remnants into accent rugs through binding.


The name of another home improvement store is Lowe’s. They offer cutting and binding services too. Therefore, you need to switch here and, after that purchasing a rug from these sellers.

How to Cut and Bind Your Rugs (DIY)

You can make the rugs cut and bound by applying appropriate tools. Furthermore, several DIY methods are there to accomplish these processes. However, for successful customization, patience is necessary.

You must focus on retaining the original structure of the rug during customization. So, the changes must be minimal. For example, you should not convert a rectangular carpet into a circular one. Additionally, try to avoid the luxurious hand-made rugs for such customization purposes.

In simple words, DIY ideas may not be suitable as per the material of your rug. Know the steps to again resize the rug agreeing to your superior selection.

Measure the Rug and the Area

Where To Get A Rug Cut And Bound

It is often the best time to avail an awareness of the space where you seek to put the rug. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the space offered. You have to take the measurements right since you cannot afford to do mistakes.

Put lines through to make the cutting easier. It is better to fold these carpet parts and check whether it fits the concerned area or not. One will not get any options left after the cut made of the rug.


Where To Get A Rug Cut And Bound

Mark out the specific areas on the rug for smooth cutting. For this resolution, you can use the artiste’s tape. A ruler can control the placement of the tape. It is better to check the markings twice to avoid any confusion.


Where To Get A Rug Cut And Bound

You should place the rug on a strong surface before cutting the same. Are you working with a thick rug? In that case, shears will be an ideal option for cutting purposes. However, in other cases, a carpeting knife will be enough.

Finishing Your Carpet Edges

Where To Get A Rug Cut And Bound

It is important to finish off the edges after cutting the rug. Otherwise, such edges can be dangerous if left in the floor’s center. Moreover, non-finishing the edges, the cutting will start unraveling.

To finish the edges, you can follow two methods. First, you can take the rug to a proper store for professional binding. On another side of this, you can too mark the rugs bound by yourself.

Binding an Unfinished Carpet Yourself

You will require some easily available items for binding the rug at your home only. Alongside some of the carpet pieces, you will also need some hot glue and cutters. Now, it is time to spread the whole thing on a large and strong surface.

Make sure that the edges are clearly visible on the floor. The application of adhesives will bind carpets. However, it is not a wise idea to cut or bind printed carpets. It is because the prints will look uneven after the process is complete. Some of the carpets are made of easy-to-bind materials. However, for some others, the process may not be so easy as the jute ones.

Is It Easy To Cut and Bind a Rug Yourself?

Just following a few steps can make you bound and cut the rug all by yourself. However, dragging off may be problematic at times. Most individuals will pick a rug store to convey out proficient services.

They can pick the completed rug only after it is bound and cut. Professionals bind the carpet more safely. These look straighter than the homemade ones. However, there can be a few professional techniques that you can apply at home too;-


Binding machines are available in the carpet shops. The main functions of these machines include wrapping and stitching polyester fabric or cotton strips by the process of binding. The carpets will be bound by applying these techniques on the edges. Moreover, you can get these binding fabrics in multiple colors. This is a cost-effective method for finishing the carpet edges.


As you wrap the carpet edge continuously with the thick fiber, it is called serged carpet. The luxurious look will impress everybody more in comparison to the binding machine outcome. A special machine is there for the surging process. A proper application will give a feeling like a hand-sewn carpet. The costs of it can be higher than the binding one.


Several people like to keep fringed carpets in their homes. However, it is classier than any other technique of dying the rugs. Fringing is done with the motive of safeguarding the same from unraveling. It is thus a practical reason, indeed. On the other hand, to retain the aesthetics, people go for fringing the machine-made rugs.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Rug Cut and Bound?

If you buy a rug or carpet from a proper carpet store, there will be no additional charges for the cutting and binding. But, if such free service is not available, set an estimate of around $2 to $5 measured per linear foot.

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